Why do we look for water on Mars?

"And we have created from WATER every living thing. Will they not then believe?", Q 21:30


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Friday, January 28, 2011


Sometimes ago I gave up something. During the day of postal age. Where people communicate by post with letters and stamp. It takes a week for a letter to travel but it worth the time. I thought that the letter age will last, but i thought wrong. It ended when,,, email? no! it ended when SMS comes around. After that only bills and loan staement asking money are via mail no more letters nor greeting cards.

I wonder to myself, why did i not take the opportunity when i'm currently living in the postal age. I thought patience bears sweet fruits but again i thought wrong. The years wasted so as the postal ages. I live through the postal age but never actually living the life. I thought when i do good i would have that chance to live like everybody else, enjoying the postal age, but my deeds was never noticed.

After all those wasted years of not having the opportunity to communicate with letters, I begin to think, for being obedient what do i get in return? N.O.T.H.I.N.G. i study hard and actually went somewhere but still being treated as a criminal until the letter age past me by. In the millennium, nobody replied my greeting cards and letters anymore, everybody SMS.

Its time to go my own way, set my own rules, I'm getting old and I will experience another wasted years if i continue being obedient,What is the different between Semenanjung's ladies and Borneo's ladies? Both are muslims and even better muslims at least they have the amanah inside.

Not like some jerk.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


What women want?

"A guy who can cook"

No wonder u always stumble upon her during dinner and breafast, lunch and dinner ON weekend?!.

If this what u got? U ought to stay away from her or u will end up eating out for the rest of your life and might be breeding further generation of eating outters.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Missing boy’s body found

KUCHING: A boy who was reported missing on Jan 15 was found buried in the backyard of a suspect’s house in Asajaya near here.

Police picked up the 19-year-old suspect following a tip-off from the 15-year-old victim’s father.

The suspect was last seen riding the victim’s motorcycle on Jan 16.

The suspect led the police to the spot where the victim was buried.

“According to the suspect, the incident happened on Jan 15.

“The victim found out that the suspect and a few others were involved in motorcycle thefts.

“Fearing that the victim might expose them, the suspect and his accomplices beat him up, possibly to death.” ~the star

Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri,
Bercakap bohong lama-lama mencuri.

Lepas mencuri lama-lama bunuh orang pula.

The evolution. (i wish to write more but i'm very sleepy and tired)

Monday, January 17, 2011


Jo Qusary said...

Hana Putri the cockroach...
met another roach under the coach...
they got married and hit the sack...
when suddenly Hana's mom gave them a smack!


This is beautiful Jo, i'll make a few adjustment to fit the kids (to fit the kids?). But they never got married. Hana's going to be married to another roach name Daim. Her friend roach name Nadim tries to help her get away.

I've already finished 10 pages now i need more sub plot. I suddenly don't know where to go to make it 15 pages at least. huh

Can anybody come up with a synopsis of a sub plot.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Stab victim wanted to turn over new leaf

KOTA TINGGI: Teenager Nur Ain Ashikin Jemedi, who died after being stabbed repeatedly and doused with acid by a jealous lover, was trying to turn her life around.

The teenager had been fighting for her life at the intensive care unit of the Sultan Ismail Hospital since the attack by Habin Noor Sulaiman, 42, on Dec 16.

She succumbed to her injuries at 8.40am on Friday.

Habin pleaded guilty to charges of attempted murder and causing grievous hurt and was sentenced by the Kota Tinggi Sessions Court on Jan 3 to 17 years in jail and five strokes of the cane.

He was said to have attacked Nur Ain, who was 24 weeks’ pregnant, after learning that she would be engaged to another man. ~the star

Important note, she was 17, her lover is 42 yo jobless man.

Why younger girls prefer older men?

Because they are more mature, more experience, not in a rush, not so judgmental and settled down.

Says who?


'Role of ustaz more than ghost busting'

KUALA LUMPUR: Islamic scholars and preachers have called on film directors and scriptwriters of local horror films to consult religious experts, including on scenes of using Quranic verses to appease the spirits of ghosts and djinn, to protect the faith of Muslim viewers.

A lecturer at Universiti Putra Malaysia's (UPM) Islamic Centre, Mohd Azahari Yusuf, said they must also be aware of the important role of Islamic preachers and ustaz (religious teachers) in the lives of Muslims and not limit their role as ghost busters, as portrayed in many horror movies. ~NST

Haha I too have a thought on this. Not just ghost busting, except eidul fitri if it is aidil adha, maal hijrah, maulidur rasul we would be served load of sad near to death, repentance, anak durhaka, isteri durhaka stories whereas there are 1001 reason why we should be happy on that day, should be with syariah compliant of course.

A friend of mine who did IRK at UIA once told me. After graduating, his sister asked him to cure his nephew who constantly awoken at night and start crying for a lengthy period of time which she believed had something to do with paranormal intervention. 'can u muttered a few word and blew her to a soother'.

Eventually he did but he complaint to me during a chat of our people mindset that narrow Quran to either paranormal or religiousness ignoring the universality of It , 'Quran thought me to run a state, to run a business, marriage counseling, public relation and they asked me to ghost bust?' With this kind of mindset no wonder the syariah graduate had difficulty to find a job, luckily the government of the day set up JQAF.

But with all the halal hub, Islamic banking and syariah compliant in demand. Those guys too should be in demand if every company, big restaurant and bank to set up its own syariah department to monitor whether everything the company did is syariah compliant same goes to movie making and the entertainment business.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


There's a dead lizard in the sauce!

ALOR SETAR: An eatery owner in Langgar town, near here, was shocked to see what she claimed was a dead house lizard in a bottle of sauce which was to be used for cooking.

Nor Hashima Mohd Noor, 29, said the dead lizard was noticed by her worker, Nor Hayati Abu Hassan, 25, who wanted to use the sauce to cook Mee Bandung for a customer, on Wednesday.

"When my worker was pouring out the sauce which I had just bought from a nearby sundry shop into a bowl, she saw something whitish with a tail but did not think it was a house lizard.

"But when my friend and I looked at it closely, we were shocked to find that it was a dead lizard," said Nor Hashima, adding that she tried to contact the manufacturer's telephone number printed on the label but failed. ~the star

Emm yummy, no wonder that sauce taste soooo gooood. They put extra ingredient in there emm emm i'm lovin it.

Hey berries n cherries :p

I've started writing my children story. I've gone thru five pages now. My target is max 15 pages.

It is still about a girl name Hana Putri but this time she's turned into a cockroach after making a wish she'd like to experience life as a roach.

She will then experience roaches life, the thrill to find food since roaches don't garner, runway from being stomp by human or sprayed upon with ridsect.

The climax is when Hana will be married to another roach name Daim by her roach foster parent. It's a bad news for Hana since roaches once mated (only once) will continue laying eggs her whole life, yuck. Hana refuse and tries to run away with the help of her friend roach name Nadim. In the end Nadim succumbs to his dead after being smacked by Hana's human mom.

What will happen to Hana's then, will she eventually turn back into her human form?

Thursday, January 6, 2011


What's contribute partially to school gangsterism is certain local comic that influenced by Japanese anime. This comic always depict a school student which happened to be a kindhearted gangster who tries to put wrong things right in his own way, take justice into his own hand.

Porah. no oil mix with water, no good mix with evil. don't imbue our children with flaws ambitions.

Youngster tend to believe gangsterism, rempit and smoking = rocks. The truth is it doesn't even dangdut.

What's rock is when u excel at school in academic or sport or art or everything that pleased your mom and dad and earn yourself a place at a higher learning institute whether its academical or talent based instead of getting yourself there through quota or 3 to 5 credits requirement.

Why is this important, so that one day, no need of you to defend yourself when u are somewhere with somebody questioning your credential.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Woman falls 12 floors to her death

PUTRAJAYA: A woman fell 12 floors to her death at an apartment block in Precinct 9 here after she is said to have tried climbing down from a rope made out of blankets. ~the star

Can U believe this, someone actually thought a blanket rope could work, can support an adult body weight? adding the last straw, from a 12 floors height?

Apparently, most things shown on TV are for entertainment purposes only. That is why an escapee was never filmed climbing down a blanket rope. What usually shown is either the feet is about to reach the ground or the madu 3 found just the blanket rope tied to the window pane indicating a successful escape.

Even if there was, it is almost impossible from a 12 floors down. from a double storey? May be, even so, use the stairs, please.

Wonder why she turned dare devil? Another case of maid abuse or just a runaway maid's misfortune.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Nude body of woman found in bushes

BUKIT MERTAJAM: The nude body of a woman was found in some bushes near an oil palm estate at Berapit here today.

Penang Criminal Investigations Department chief SAC Zahruddin Abddullah said that passers-by discovered the body, which was starting to decompose, at about 10.30am and called the police.

Police believe the woman was murdered in a nearby hut belonging to the Penang Water Supply Corporation where traces of blood were found, he told reporters at the scene. ~MMail

Again?. Not long ago in Johore a 14 years old girl was murdered and left under a heap of palm leaves. before that a body of a girl was found stuffed in a luggage bag. before before that in Perak a body of a 16 years old half naked girl was found in a ditch in a palm estate believed was raped and murdered.

Is it possible this media linkage is a curse. Every incident reported triggered another identical incident. There was bus accident before another bus accident before another bus accident. Is like people are inspired by other people's achievement. Owh yeah he drove and killed 12 so this guy drive and killed 28 surpassed that guy record.

To curb this curse it is suggested that no media should made public such incident for fear it might triggered another, avoid the evil ear. Restrict report to happy inspiring news only such, Malaysia team won Suzuki cup for the country, a 14 yo girl died trying to save a 16 yo boy cousin. Later will evoked hero dementia in everybody, everybody want to excel, everybody want to contribute for the country.

Bad news is never good news to anybody.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Its was a cloudy day,

They usually flown at 32,000 feet (11 kilos) but today the climbed up to 53, 000 feet (16 kilos) due to bad weather, we're are rocking in our seats and i was shaking.

Prior to landing, when the lights are out, it almost certain that we hit a pot hole, as if. Everybody jumped in their seats and the women let out their high pitch 'aAA' adding to the thrill.

Thank Allah and my family for their prayers we landed safely in Sandakan soil after a bumpy ride.

Allah let us live another day giving another chance to us to repent and so that we become a better person days to come.

Off to work tomorrow. (in a few hours).
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