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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lets just fart and say goodbye

Goodbye Gentleman Frog... thank you for interacting with our beloved Jo Qusary all this while. Stay strong and confident, we know you can fight against your anxiety... you did it before. We will miss you :)


Jo Qusary is a fictional character? Interesting theory, who else isn't real? Bigbird isn't real? Kermit the frog? Is he not real? why don't u just say Doraemon isn't real, if so why Giant build his low price supermarket all over the country? Hurmmm?

This is a sick joke, I know Jo since my day in 'youth say' back in 2009, even thou she doesn't know me back then. I saw pictures of hers, even the one at age 3 or 4 or 5, the one she talked about fashion. I read all her post, there are filled with emotions, the way i see it she's very much alive.

Once she express that she wanted to adopt a daughter and named her Suria if i 'm not mistaken  and how she often been mistaken for a guy.  Then there was a time she talk about her dispute with her mother, her love life with a foreigner, she talk about her brother, they lived together (in a legal non suspicious way) when they were studying at UPM,  her work as a lecturer, her dispute with her colleague at work, she's a pro government of the day ... she never talked about her real life friend (well its her blog, why talk about someone else) and then i remembered she also express that she wanted to retire from blogging at the age of 31.

So this is her final act, still have time to stir some emotion, why can't it just be a simple good bye... Well Jo I know u'll be back because, u are a speak up person, u just can't hold it in, after all to whom do u want to convey I never heard u talk about your real life friend except that foreigner u wanted to marry, this is the easy way pretty much close to the only way but no.  or its just me that can't take good bye very well :(

By the way I have overcome my anxiety and move on.. I hope u too

and u are not a schizophrenic.
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