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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'M BACK - Quote of the year

Me and some friends were at the movie back in 2010 about to watch the last air bender (regretfully) when I saw the expendables poster.

 Don't have the stomach to watch that movie at that time.

 Until just now saw a promo on TV, I'M BACK! suddenlly the urge starts kicking in.

Best part of the movie :)


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tupai Kuat Gajah Duduk Sos Cili Cap Arnab

Strange product names

I walked into a convenient store last week to buy a top up card when I noticed a local libido enhancement product (in a form of ma'jun or coffee I'm not sure) called tupai kuat (strong squirrel).

Yes I was perplexed as much as you, does this product contains squirrel product or have anything to do with squirrel at all? Based on the picture, appears not, its a herbal product.

There are a few strange products name out there beside this one such as sitting elephant's sarung and sos cili cap arnab (rabbit brand ketchup) which of course has nothing to do with rabbit at all, never heard rabbits eat chilies before and nor elephant wear sarung or made of elephant hide, btw I wear this brand.

Somewhat 10 years ago when I first heard of sos chili cap arnab I myself want to come up with my own ketchup brand, sos cili cap racun tikus, yeah weird product names attract attention maybe people will buy and love it.

I have look up a piece of land (tanah lot) for sale may be suitable to plant papaya for my ketchup but turn it down later for sawit which I've yet put the plan into motion but i did bought something else which by dec U'll see another ads on my side bar.

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