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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to set up a Sharp Aquos with Astro

Am I the only one having difficulties connecting asstro to an LED tv?

My 2 years old JVC TV broke down suddenly today, so I bought a new one.

I went to giant and had my eyes on a 32" one of the sharp line worth RM8++ , the cheapest one among the branded on display.

Unfortunately, it is out of stock, so I went to next best thing, a 32" Aquos from the same line.

As we got home, I was very excited and start unwrapping and begun setting it up immediately, and again unfortunately, it won't work with asstro, it doesn't display any pictures except that thousand dots.

So I connected it to a plain AV antenna and manage to receive one channel only, TV3. (That is why in rural area asstro is a necessity because normal antenna could only captures weak signal, if we get TV1 that's a blessing because we got two channel to enjoy!).

Frustrated I called asstro but unfortunately again to no avail, the nice lady with asstro said they can only do their part but not the TV, and she is right.

So as I wonder what went wrong, my fingers keep pressing the remote scouring for solution and to my delight I noticed the input button.

Finally I came to a solution, u have to set the input manually as the TV have no clue which holes she's been poked.

And afterwards everything is back to normal... and we shut it down and went to sleep.

A little recap:
1. connect the cable as usual, red to red, white to white and yellow to yellow.
2. And then use the input button on the remote to determine which input should the TV be directed to.

Sincerely, I hope this article might save some people 's times.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My barber rides a Honda

I went to my barber last weekend and I noticed that he rides motor cycle now.

He used to take the bus to work for all his live.

So I asked him why now?

He said he couldn't afford the fare anymore and found out that riding is more economical.

I found out that's oddly quaint.

I always watch max out, a TV series about financial management, in each episode a financial advisor will help a family to repay their debts and eventually avoid bankruptcy.

In one episode  the adivisor advises the advisee to get rid of her car and start using the public transport because it is cheaper in cost. got that?

While in this country things turn to go the other way round, where people avoid public transport and opt for the more economical motorcycle.

The chat ends when my hair is done,and I come to a conclusion on the matter.

Some party gone frenzy demanding for cheaper fuel without realizing he only owns a 1990's proton, while Nazri Aziz's son drive a RM500k hummer.

If the price of fuel's goes down, those rich people's son and daughter will benefit the most and us the less fortunate will get only peanuts. Think about it.

Instead we should ask for better public transportation, more subsidies for the fuel, tolls and everything related to it. Because this is truly the wheel the poor.

Today, some bus hike their fare due to the hike in fuel price, others make it less frequent to cut the cost thus make it less reliable.

If more subsidies were to be poured into transportation services. the irregularities may be avoided.

Therefor we are the one who will benefit the most together with those humble rich people who is willing to take the bus to work.

Jo or Puteri commented in one of my post. In developed countries most of its citizen doesn't even know how to drive due to effectiveness of their public transportation.

Hence Malaysia on its way to the year 2020 should start improving their public transportation in other word make it as affordable as possible so that our neighbors become more jealous of us OR else I might start a tut tut business here in Malaysia.


Monday, March 4, 2013

More guns, less crime?

Put more guns on the street to stop guns related crime? That's thoughtful. Sometimes smart people too do silly things.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ambank Pasaraya, a series of unfortunate events

I lost my road-tax.

Since I took ambank insurance, I returned to ambank for help, at bandar pasaraya around 11.20 on 1st March 2013 to prey for information, talked to one of the staff at the table nearest to the main door and it turn out to be another heart broken trip there.

The staff is rude and clueless, she won't even make eye contact not to mention a smile.

My first heart broken trip there was last year, asking to change my phone number associated with my credit card, but the staff, at the table next to the atm machines, won't entertain me, "You can do it online ma." Said him, without even looking.

It was at ambank sg dua and its benign staff, I got my phone number changed and my insurance renewed.

Back to today, so, heart broken I drove to ambank, town, 7.9 km away, and luckily the staff there mend my broken heart.

While the public services are urged to emulate the private sector, ambank pasaraya took the other way around, ditching their private sector qualities and took the lousy public services manner of operation, sadly.

There are considerable complaints that ambank pasaraya is racist, but I don't want to go there without ample evidence, I hope who ever reading this and suffer the same fate would come out and let our voices be heard.

To whom it may concern, please pay attention to ambank, bandar pasaraya, lot 77; 78 jalan utara.


Friday, March 1, 2013

The most better?

"ALLAH's plan is the most better than our dream"

Somebody tag me on fb with this words of wisdom where I spot something peculiar about it but I just couldn't put my finger on it.
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