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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rohingya Muslims Massacre

The Rohingya people practice Sunni Islam with elements of Sufi worship. Because the government (Myanmar) restricts educational opportunities for them, many pursue fundamental Islamic studies as their only educational option. The Rohingya of Myanmar Mosques and religious schools are present in most villages. Traditionally, men pray in congregations and women pray at home.

According to Amnesty International, the Muslim Rohingya people have continued to suffer from human rights violations under the Burmese Buddhist junta since 1978, and many have fled to neighboring Bangladesh as a result:.

"The Rohingyas’ freedom of movement is severely restricted and the vast majority of them have effectively been denied Burma citizenship. They are also subjected to various forms of extortion and arbitrary taxation; land confiscation; forced eviction and house destruction; and financial restrictions on marriage. Rohingyas continue to be used as forced labourers on roads and at military camps, although the amount of forced labour in northern Rakhine State has decreased over the last decade."

"In 1978 over 200,000 Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh, following the ‘Nagamin’ (‘Dragon King’) operation of the Myanmar army. Officially this campaign aimed at "scrutinising each individual living in the state, designating citizens and foreigners in accordance with the law and taking actions against foreigners who have filtered into the country illegally." This military campaign directly targeted civilians, and resulted in widespread killings, rape and destruction of mosques and further religious persecution."

"During 1991-92 a new wave of over a quarter of a million Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh. They reported widespread forced labour, as well as summary executions, torture, and rape. Rohingyas were forced to work without pay by the Burmese army on infrastructure and economic projects, often under harsh conditions. Many other human rights violations occurred in the context of forced labour of Rohingya civilians by the security forces."

As of 2005, the UNHCR had been assisting with the repatriation of Rohingya from Bangladesh, but allegations of human rights abuses in the refugee camps have threatened this effort.

Despite earlier efforts by the UN, the vast majority of Rohingya refugees have remained in Bangladesh, unable to return because of the negative attitude of the ruling regime in Myanmar. Now they are facing problems in Bangladesh as well where they do not receive support from the government any longer. In February 2009, many Rohingya refugees were rescued by Acehnese sailors in the Strait of Malacca, after 21 days at sea.

Over the years thousands of Rohingya also have fled to Thailand. There are roughly 111,000 refugees housed in 9 camps along the Thai-Myanmar border. There have been charges that groups of them have been shipped and towed out to open sea from Thailand, and left there. In February 2009 there was evidence of the Thai army towing a boatload of 190 Rohingya refugees out to sea. A group of refugees rescued by Indonesian authorities also in February 2009 told harrowing stories of being captured and beaten by the Thai military, and then abandoned at open sea. By the end of February there were reports that of a group of 5 boats were towed out to open sea, of which 4 boats sank in a storm, and 1 boat washed up on the shore. February 12, 2009 Thailand's prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said there were "some instances" in which Rohingya people were pushed out to sea.

"There are attempts, I think, to let these people drift to other shores. [...] when these practices do occur, it is done on the understanding that there is enough food and water supplied. [...] It's not clear whose work it is [...] but if I have the evidence who exactly did this I will bring them to account."

The prime minister said he regretted "any losses", and was working on rectifying the problem.

Bangladesh has since announced it will repatriate around 9,000 Rohingya living in refugee camps in the country back to Burma, after a meeting with Burmese diplomats. Steps to repatriate Rohingya began in 2005.

In October 16, 2011, the new government of Burma agreed to take back registered Rohingya refugees. ~Wiki

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

it's another PROVIDER isn't it?


Muslim and Jews are prohibited from consuming pork,

May be some of us the faithful might sometimes wonder what does pork taste like. Well u just could ask those who consume pork, but that's too easy. It is more appetizing to know from the mouth of those whose prohibited yet consume it anyway. Its like choosing the hardship of climbing Everest manually over the ease of going up there by helicopter.

Most take the prohibiton of pork seroiusly but neglected the alcohol and adultery prohibiton. Those who commit adultery and consume alcohol habitually restrain pork even though drinking, adultring and pork consuming were considered in the sin (same) category, interesting isn't it?

So how do I want to get an answer from those who are not allowed to eat pork yet have consume it, not out of ignorant or emergency but deliberately and adore the taste as its finger licking good.

After a deep thought, I decided to go online scouring if something might turn up, i went online for about an hour with metaphorically 75 times of network  outage before i got frustrated and about to give up when suddenly I thought to myself, 

'hey why didn't i ask those celcom broadband wonkies and gnomettes, they have been ripping everybody's money literally everyday by giving poor services, and enjoying doing so by showing no effort or intention to make it better, or at least compensate their customer once in awhile by giving cut backs as a token of remorse, but NO, ripping is not enough, once they intended to eke 6% out of our pay check for the prepaid tax that currently on hold and not yet abolish, beware. So deductively, isn't 'eating' ripped money is prohibited is equally as eating pork? 

As i'm writting this piece (i wrote on note pad before transfer it to blogger or i might lose it all), i did anticipated that u readers might asked why didn't u just terminate the service instead of ranting about it for the second time? well i did, i had switched my phone line to DiGi recently, but broadband is yet to come. I am waiting for an offer or a promotion, as how i had signed up for celcom broadband in the first place. back a year or so ago, they came with an attractive offer, RM90 for 5GB, so i grabbed it and suffers till today. 

Well back to cursing Celcom;


2. mallayo ottohke !~ 

3. Celcom broadband sucks

4. Celcom berukband suck


By the way, the article u just read has nothing to do with pig consumption or pig itself but of its cousin, Celcom.

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