Why do we look for water on Mars?

"And we have created from WATER every living thing. Will they not then believe?", Q 21:30


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Monday, November 29, 2010


or father...

Man comes clean and pleads guilty to dirty deeds

A 39-YEAR-OLD civilian employee of the Singapore police force masturbated in his office before adding his semen into his female colleagues’ drinking bottles, Nanyang Siang Pau reported.

Sim Keng Tee approached his colleagues on the pretext of having a chat with them before secretly recording them drinking the water with his mobile phone.

The administrative staff started his despicable act on Feb 21, 2008 when he masturbated in front of a woman colleague’s photo. He kept his semen in a bottle before pouring it into her drinking bottle.
~read more


A man would go thru any hardship, risking everything, his career or even his life to achieve his sexual nirvana, creatively.

Surprisingly turning down the easier way, Marriage.

Do U know where your drinking bottle is? /XD

Friday, November 26, 2010


A tranny (she-male) invited a few newly made male friends to his hotel room to party *ehem ehem* end ups walloped and robed. Harian Metro reported.

That's totally hardcore. (x_x

Now that is unfortunate or what. Sometimes what U wish for comes in a package. Wish for a beauty queen as a wife in return she is lazy to the core. Wish for wealth... always come with insecurity, later the money goes to alarm and safety.

A friend was unhappy when he was posted to the boondocks later applied to be transferred to the city, eventually his application was answered just to find himself worried over the rent gone thru the roof later on.

Careful what u wish for, cause u might regret it. Be grateful.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Excessively lauding. We've been fed with lies all the way. Non stop, including days we considered important.

Take wedding for example. Every wedding they would play the "bagai pinang dibelah dua" over and over again,

yet when we meet the brides, it is not even close to the so called "bagai pinang dibelah dua". (usually the groom)

What are they trying to do, being sarcastic? on a wedding?

So what are u suggesting? vis-a-vis? get real, beast always go for beauty, won't go for another beast.

No,,, I meant here, GET REAL and play other song, how many times do u want to repeat this song? don't make fun of others coz someday somebody will make fun of U.

I was talking to the DJ of a kenduri kahwin.

m(_ _)m

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cerai isteri tidak cantik makin meningkat

Cerai isteri tidak cantik makin meningkat

KUCHING: Ada sesetengah lelaki yang bergelar suami sanggup melepaskan isteri masing-masing selepas mendakwa wanita dinikahi tidak lagi kelihatan menarik dan cantik seperti ketika mereka berkenalan dan melangsungkan perkahwinan dulu.

Mereka menganggap perubahan wajah dan penampilan wanita terbabit memaksa mereka mencari pengganti sehingga menyebabkan rumah tangga dibina mulai goyah, malah ada yang membawa kepada perceraian.

Perkara ini didedahkan Menteri Muda di Pejabat Ketua Menteri (Hal Ehwal Agama), Datuk Daud Abd Rahman yang memberitahu, kadar perceraian di kalangan pasangan Islam di negeri ini semakin meningkat saban tahun disebabkan ada suami menganggap isterinya tidak cantik apabila mencapai satu tempoh. ~Metro


Err ladies kalau u all bijak u all beranak banyak-banyak dulu sebelum jadi tak cantik sure hubby u tak berani tinggal u.

Monday, November 22, 2010


He who walks, walks alone.

I'm on a six weeks leave. I left my astoniswara AB over sea. Without wheels, very difficult and time consuming to travel, but still got legs, functional, both of them. Need to go out to do something. Have to opt for other means.

He who takes the bus, save the planet.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Bicycle bomb kills three civilians in Afghanistan

JALALABAD, Afghanistan — Three civilians were killed and another 25 were wounded when a bomb fixed to a bicycle exploded in eastern Afghanistan, the governor said. AFP Reported.

Bicycle? Either they're out of cars or out of cash. /hmm

Define terrorism? called our former PM, Dr Mahathir, but 'they' never answer. They afraid it might include their best friend, Israel.

So terrorism remain ambiguous, what is done by non friend is terror and what is done by friend is self defense, whilst it's the same thing.

Until terrorism is defined terror continues.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Divorcee tries to rape ex-wife



A MAN who couldn’t get over his divorce tried to rape his ex-wife after discovering that she had become more attractive since their separation, Harian Metro reported. ~the star

Define Gila Talak? /wahaha

Let us read again,

"she had become more attractive since their separation."

Got that?

Is it literally? Means she once ugly then after divorce, she biologically and hormonally altered thus become more attractive?

or she is what she is but decided to dress up after her divorce?

or the guy just didn't noticed (that she IS beautiful) when she was his, emm sadly nobody ever did.

You never know what U have until U lose it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Teen wallops girlfriend over break-up

JOHOR BARU: An 18-year-old was violently assaulted with a stick, kicked and slapped when she wanted to break up with her boyfriend on Sunday.

The boyfriend, also 18, then threatened to stalk and stab her if she reported the assault to the police.

Fearing for her life, the teenager lodged a report and police are now looking for the boyfriend.

Every time somebody says "no police", that's exactly the time a fella should get himself over to the police. (",)

Beaten up with a stick, splashed with engine oil, slap and kick then threatened to stalk and stab wow that's really defined wallops eh.

Next time do it quietly never spell it out,

starts with delaying, delay to answer call and sms. Show hesitancy to go out together and everything. Make excuses, unreasonable one even better, hopefully he geddit earlier, until he peter out and take the first step to avoid U,

and that's how its done.

Luckily this incident incurred before marriage, if they're planning to, otherwise things would be more complicated.



Had a meeting this week, last one this year. Did u noticed different types of personalities in a meeting? What would be the most irritating one to U?

To me it would be the constipator, an idea killer that would constantly constipated any idea to no avail.

The MC: What do U think if we do like this...

the constipator: Wa cannot lah, cannot..

Attendees: How about we do like this...

the constipator: still cannot la, cannot..

Attendees: or we do like this...

the conspitator: wa that definitely cannot la..

The MC: so what do u propose?

the constipator: Wa tak taw la, tak taw...

Mother father la U, if its not because of U we would have finish this off hours ago.

Good MC would impose to anybody who wants to object must come up with an alternative idea therefor would get the meeting going and gets result or else SHUT UP!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Baby gets breasts after taking milk powder

A FOUR-MONTH-OLD baby boy from Jiangxi, started to develop breasts and grow pubic hair after consuming milk powder produced by a company in Fujian Province for two weeks, reported Sin Chew Daily.~the star

Good news to thee who seek upon breast enlargement cause thou shalt need not to face knife and needle no more.

O haven't U heard of a miracle bestowed as a milk powder that shalt cultivate your breast, ...and I don't know about the size ...so don't get excited.

Man made marvel and ridicule at the same time. /wahaha

Friday, November 12, 2010


Make voluntary activities compulsory for students: Rosmah

KUALA LUMPUR: Institutes of higher learning should make it compulsory for students to get involved in voluntary activities, said Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.~The Star

Well Datin Sri if it is compulsory than it is not voluntary anymore

People, did u know the word 'sahaja' later on reverted to 'sengaja' for the purpose to materialize the voluntary intent.

Hypothetically by verbalizing the word voluntary might triggered the soul and the brain to voluntary submit and focus. As the soul submit the body follows.

The phrase 'don't judge a book by its cover' doesn't applied to human does it? Apparently, what is on the outside comes from the inside. *Based on context of course*

BTW I do understand what DS Rosmah meant.


A woman living at an apartment unit in Taman Segar, Cheras, was shocked when a Peeping Tom recorded her taking a shower in the bathroom.~The Star

Only a matter of time this short recording or picture would find its way to the internet.

What has this world come to

when U are not secure in your current home it's time to rent at another place.

Well no, it's time the government to ban handphone with camera or raise its price so that it would not get into everybody's hand, especially those ungrateful unethical pervertible culprit.

Raise its price, hanphone with camera would become exclusive, the possessor become small, small made easy to trace and identify, help to fight sexual crime, to check pervertible habits.

Let say RM3000 as a price floor. unaffordable? Good.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Single mum seeks help to get a hubby

A SINGLE mother has approached the Umno Youth community and complaints bureau with an unusual request – to find her a husband! ~the star

This is new, now politician has to widen their services not just to seek more investors to provide more jobs and to make more money to provide better infrastructures yet to seek husbands for the singles.

In the future by election or general election we might hear,

"Vote for me, TWO WEEKS after I made into office I'll find everybody a husband. *Eventually if I did I'll turn everybody down*"

Don't stereotypes, some politician do serve.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Fried onions and used condom for dinner

A USED condom was found in a 100gm packet of fried onion that was sold at a convenience store in Singapore, Sin Chew Daily reported.

A 46-year-old air-con mechanic only be known as Ho told a daily in Singapore that he and his wife had the fried onion as a side dish for dinner last Saturday.

When the couple finished eating, they poured the remaining fried onion into a container but to their horror they saw a used pink condom among the content while emptying the plastic bag.

“It is ridiculous that a used condom could be found inside a packet of fried onion. If it is an insect, we can still understand and forgive,” said Ho.~the star

/omg Man, me too, I could forgive an insect but I will never forgive a condom, adding the last straw, a used one.

Mother father! Here's an assumption of how a used condom get in there. I read in the news a few years back of a kindergarten teacher busted mating with her boyfriend at the kindergarten where she work, after work of course whereas she would be caught earlier.

Apparently, If it could happen in a kindergarten it could happen anywhere, right?

Now they should send the used condom to Puspawari for a DNA test. /hmm

Monday, November 8, 2010


1. A traumatized girl end up sleeping with a stick, a 2 by 4 may be, after an unexpected encountering with a naked thief in her home the night before. /shock

2. A housewife greet a naked thief eventually she thought he was her husband. the thief replied, "Abg mabuk (I'm drunk)" and jump out of the window when then she realized her husband is sleeping on the sofa.

3. There is a report of a series of break ins where victims saw naked men in their houses before leaving wearing kain pelikat.

Now, the million dollar question is does nudity make someone invisible? seen but cannot be perceived? as the art of ninjutsu where invisibility is not actually being invisible. The philosophy of invisibility is when someone cannot perceived u are there.

How?, by mixing or blend in to make u less obvious. Wear green in the woods. Wear brown in the desert. Wear baju Melayu during hari Raya. Wear cheong sam during Chinese New Year.

Does nudity make u less obvious? that is the stupidest idea i ever heard. /wahaha

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Bus crashes into canal, killing one


KUANTAN: A 25-year-old man who was killed in an express bus accident in Pekan had earlier spoken with his friend about the reckless driver.

Mohd Shukri Zahak, 25, said he and Ismail Natayudden Hamdan were talking about the speeding bus.

Ten minutes later, Ismail died when the bus skidded and hit a divider before plunging into a canal at Kampung Sungai Miang. -from the star.

Imagine if he knew that he have only ten minutes left? /sweat Student of media might noticed these series of bus accident lately reported by the media as media link age. Is it a coincidence that one incident might trigger another?

Back in my Kampung, my late grandmother used to tell me when somebody died if it claimed one and it stop, it means that's it. But if it takes two then it will be three, like a series. It is believed death will stop at odd number, 1, 3, 5 and end at seven in a certain place or community.

Later I found it to be true, whenever somebody died in my kampung, it must be either 1, 3, 5 or 7. Seven is the most and later its stop for a longer period of time before it starts again with another series.

Coincidence? /blur

Monday, November 1, 2010


Pervert on the loose in Teluk Intan housing estate

A MAN has been openly masturbating in the backlane of a residential area in Teluk Intan to the disgust of residents.

China Press reported that the man, in his 30s, rode a bicycle to the backlane on different hours of the day for a few days recently to masturbate.

The man showed his manhood and even moaned loudly, it reported.

The daily reported that many housewives had witnessed the indecent act from their kitchens.

/shock I read this from the star. How stress and tense can overcome reason and drive them to the gutter diverge from normality.

Sexual crimes are on the rise, some case involve murder or lead to murder such as baby dumping and 3gp circulation, humiliation, aggressive means.

Others are disturbances often known as sexual harassment, like the one above. No physical contact yet psychologically and emotionally offended.

What U should do to prevent being harm by pervert. Go back to basic, don't talk to stranger and don't ever trust them. Once I heard of a girl who end up gang raped after going out with a chat mate who she barely knew.

Contact the police if U encountered one, even it is harmless as the one above who knows what he'll do in the future for people always get bored and advance to new things.

Walk in group whenever u need to go out during the day or at night. There is another incident I read in the paper of a student who sued her college after getting raped by stranger (not one of the student or the college staff) inside the college pantry room, how the heaven he get in there?

And observe Allah rule of Aurah (aurat), observe His rule He will observe U. /bye

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