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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Single mum seeks help to get a hubby

A SINGLE mother has approached the Umno Youth community and complaints bureau with an unusual request – to find her a husband! ~the star

This is new, now politician has to widen their services not just to seek more investors to provide more jobs and to make more money to provide better infrastructures yet to seek husbands for the singles.

In the future by election or general election we might hear,

"Vote for me, TWO WEEKS after I made into office I'll find everybody a husband. *Eventually if I did I'll turn everybody down*"

Don't stereotypes, some politician do serve.


una berry said...

so I think I should do the same think too. LOL

n there's one time a politician ( I can't recall who) came out with the idea of, it's better to provide every single moms a husband rather than giving them helps and fund.

Gentleman Frog said...

Salam Sis,

U r not single mum, r u?

Yes, I agreed w dat politician.

zmah said...

Single mum ke?...Maaf akak nak kenal tuan blog..

Gentleman Frog said...

Salam Zmah,

Sye lelaki... tulen.

una berry said...

I'm a hot eh bukan, yeah, I'm a single a mom with a sgt-nakal-kasi-orang-geram-hari2-punye daughter.haha

nazirafarahinomar said...

salam.,haha :pp.i wonder what kind of husbang she'll get?a politician?or a pshycho?

Gentleman Frog said...


Una, seriously! :-o

nazira, how about a physician.

una berry said...

yeah, seriously!
well, as a single mom myself,
I would prefer a normal husband that I can rely on.
certainly not a politician and a psycho

Gentleman Frog said...


Una, it's not u that approach the UYCnCS is it?

I have met two gorgeous single mom in cyber space this year.

I just can't u/stand how u came to be a single mom with that face?

una berry said...

NO..I'm that desperate :P

it may took me several years for me to believe in marital institution again

well, all I can say good things don't last forever

miss nina said...

how about the others?

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