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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Teen wallops girlfriend over break-up

JOHOR BARU: An 18-year-old was violently assaulted with a stick, kicked and slapped when she wanted to break up with her boyfriend on Sunday.

The boyfriend, also 18, then threatened to stalk and stab her if she reported the assault to the police.

Fearing for her life, the teenager lodged a report and police are now looking for the boyfriend.

Every time somebody says "no police", that's exactly the time a fella should get himself over to the police. (",)

Beaten up with a stick, splashed with engine oil, slap and kick then threatened to stalk and stab wow that's really defined wallops eh.

Next time do it quietly never spell it out,

starts with delaying, delay to answer call and sms. Show hesitancy to go out together and everything. Make excuses, unreasonable one even better, hopefully he geddit earlier, until he peter out and take the first step to avoid U,

and that's how its done.

Luckily this incident incurred before marriage, if they're planning to, otherwise things would be more complicated.



una berry said...

some ppl just can't accept rejection
omg, what's happening to kids nowadays?
this is very terrifying

whitecappuccino said...

Hmmmmm...rasanya kalau buat begitu, yang lelaki tu dapat terima ker? macamana kalau dia tak dapat terima kenyataan yg pompuan tu tak nak kat dia..bukan ker dia akan buat benda yg sama? tapi yer, better late than never, kalo dh kawin mmg lagi susah.

Gentleman Frog said...


Una, yes very.

Whitecup, at least cube :)

both of u klu de pengalaman share ler, nk dgr ni.

whitecappuccino said...

GF..ermm pengalaman mmng bnyk maklumla org lama..nnt ada yg ssuai sya share..

HonEyBuNNy said...

salam aidil adha..

una berry said...

erm, I probably do what u stated in the post, takut jugak sbb xsuka bagi org frust n sad plus sakit hati.

well, I lg suka if that guy just said directly to my face
xdela i tertanya2 wtf is going on n stuff
lagi sakit hati kot
i paling xsuka kena tipu n that person cheating on me behind my back..gave such lame excuses to get his ass off from the relationship tp sebenanye dah jumpe orang lain..huh
kdg2 girls hv '6th sense' on this matter..hehe..so xpayahlah susah2 reka alasan n what not..
rejection is hard to handle but in my case i kinda used to it already so yeah
yeah, I learned my lesson on this twice..karma maybe..LOL

so, just tell him/her directly with diplomacy of course :)
but never do it in facebook
do it privately, don't be such a fuss-ass..ppl don't care okeh?

n if u wanna jump into marriage, at least u have to be matured enough to hold a responsibility or else it just won't work :)

sorry, lengthy pulak :D

Gentleman Frog said...


Whitecup, oi lama ke?

hunnybunny, salam eidul adha juga.

Una, 'kinda used to it'? Seriously! :-o

Poyaty said...

hehehe, nice tips huh?

tp betul. guna cara halus. jgn terus sembur sbb kita x bole jangka org ni mcm mana

lgpun baru 18. apedehal?

salam aidil adha

Gentleman Frog said...


Yaty, tu ler 18 tahun makan, pakai tempat tggl pun tah kemana lagi.

whitecappuccino said...

yup..mmg lama pun :)

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