Why do we look for water on Mars?

"And we have created from WATER every living thing. Will they not then believe?", Q 21:30


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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Teen who tried to save drowning cousin dies

KUCHING: A teenager who tried to save her drowning cousin on Dec 26 but failed, has also passed away.

Siti Nur Farah Ain died at the Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) yesterday.

The 14-year-old was in critical condition after trying to help her cousin, 16-year-old Mohd Nazrul Rosli, who was then struggling in the deeper part of the swimming pool at a resort some 35km from town on Sunday morning at 10.45am.

It was learnt that she was unable to save her cousin as she was also found unconscious with Nazrul.

Both were admitted to a nearby private hospital after other swimmers removed them from the pool.

Nazrul died on the way to the hospital while Siti was transferred to SGH.

She was in a coma and was hooked up to the life support system before she died. ~NST

Al Fatihah (-_-)

Died a heroine. She tried to help a he. She's 14, she was. Unfortunately she failed. What was she thinking. A hero never think for himself, in this case herself. So others may live.

At least She die(d) trying.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


In the news today.

Mersing: Boat capsized killing three. ~the star

As usual after a tragic accident the authority would AT LAST found out the boat captain doesn't have a license, the boat had been ferrying overloaded passengers (all these years?) and no life jacket provided.

Apparently this has became like a trend as on land, a few days ago (following a series of horrid bus accidents starting the Melaka toll tragedy) another bus accident had claimed 28 lives

and later found out the driver have no license also and at last after all these years, 'experts' figured out that high deck bus is unsuitable for highland travel, fuh better late than never, BUT before anything could be done another accident involving high deck bus reported in Terengganu luckily everybody survived.

Most of road users might noticed that JPJ and the police operate quite frequently with the saman ekor, road block here, road block there but strangely they couldn't detect these public transport traffic offenders, not until a tragedy occurred. On the other hand JPJ showed more interest in modified cars.

Now the trend goes sea.

I hope this carelessness trend will not go to the air because at 34 000 feet little could be done alas on land also claimed 28 lives what could be expected in the air.

Monday, December 27, 2010


Hunt for man who filmed himself killing two kittens
Sunday, 26 December 2010 10:42

LONDON – A man is being sought after filming himself killing two kittens in a home-made execution chamber - and posting the horrific video online.

The sicko, thought to be British, is seen suffocating the cute animals in a vacuum bag.

He put them in the transparent container, and zipped it shut before connecting a vacuum cleaner nozzle.

The two kittens back away as he started sucking the air out - and suddenly stopped moving as they are suffocated. The callous hoodie then grabbed their lifeless bodies and dropped them on a nearby bed. ~MM

Everybody want to be famous these days.

Some became a successful miming artist and believe it or not he/she got the time and guts to go thru all the make up, self recording and self editing. Its ok as long as it doesn't offend anybody, but there are 'superior' group while downloading illegal clips came across the miming clip and felt offended by this purportedly 'lesser' human and start using the miming clips as platform shoes to look taller.

Some became p0rnst4r with their girlfriend only got the 'credits'. This is bad because it tarnished the image of our belief, a blasphemy. Allah asked us in His noble Quran for good men to seek good women and good women to seek good men, but what happened is the opposite, good men seek good women, bad men also seek good women, so where's the bad women cause by the bad men will go?

The Zani marries not but a Zaniyah or a Mushrikah; and the Zaniyah, none marries her except a Zani or a Mushrik. Such a thing is forbidden to the believers. Quran 24:3

And others kill kitten. :-o

Saturday, December 25, 2010


100 nails and screws found on road

GEORGE TOWN: About 100 pieces of nails, screws and bolts were found strewn over a busy stretch of road here, sparking fears that they could have been deliberately scattered by unscrupulous people.
~the star

This is not new, some people actually make money this way, they cause the trouble and later they also sells the solution. In this case some people wanted to make money by replacing punctured tyres so they created the problem by scattering spiky object along the road to fish out for victims.

So as the question of who created computer virus. I strongly believe it was created by anti-virus company so that they would stay in business beside the minor amateur virus creator and the big guns fighting the cold war.

There 1001 ways of making money some sells hope by writing book of how to make easy money that actually work for the writer only (royalties from the book sold of course).

Some created needs, like the above cartoon, U need to use this product or u die (even though those before u are still living without knowing that product even exist).

Others created problem to sell solution, modern day viruses that affected our health were either natural, biological weapon or commercially created to sell cures and vaccines.

At the lower level this act is illegally unscrupulous at the higher level it's legally strategy.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Experts: High-decked bus unsuitable for highlands

PETALING JAYA: The bus involved in the horrific accident along the Cameron Highlands-Simpang Pulai road which killed 27 people was to be used only for city tours, not for long-distance travels, especially those involving hilly terrain, experts say. ~the star

Why is it after a tragedy actually happened than only an EXPERT emerges.

Where were these experts THEN, before the high-decked bus hit the highland road.

Reading the news? :-?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Transplant patient hates his new kidney

A BUSINESSMAN in Singapore had looked forward to a kidney transplant to lead a better life with his wife and child.

But after the surgery, he had deep regrets – because the kidney donor was his wife’s lover! ~the star

Lover here doesn't stop at admiration, love letters and smses, his wife eventually have a daughter with her lover and he (the husband) doesn't aware of it until later.

Both in Islam and Christian adultery causes death. Luckily or sadly (up to everybody's point of view) so called modern country today is using man made law where adultery causes to be fine or jailed only.

Kidney transfer was meant to stay, vitally. Human being cured misery by letting go, deliberately forget by departing from any thing or place that may evoke the bad memories. In this case, the donation is either of repentance or just to add salt to wound, very salty to a very deep wound.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


U owned a house and u let people live there for free but must observe certain rules and regulation put upon by U, the owner. One of it,

"shitting is restricted in the toilet only" <== did i put this right? well what i wanted it to mean is, in side your house, the tenants are not allowed to shit freely, they must use the toilet.

recently with all the internet and globalization, a group emerge fighting for the right to shit on the couch in the living room. They said they're born that way, born to shit on the couch in the living room and they're OK with it.

And since that, there are debates everywhere in the house, should this group be allowed to shit on the couch in the living room.

Some said we should condone this group. They said, why, couch shitters doesn't have the right to live?

Well one group said, it's OK as long as no threats a pose to other tenants. While another group opposed, hell there is, it's disgusting and while another group shares the same view of opposing with different reason, it just merely against the rules of our landlord.

So these groups come to a conclusion and suggested that the shitters may shit on the couch BUT to find another house and not in this house where clearly the owner doesn't allowed it.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Sarawak chief minister remarries, a daily says

KUCHING: Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, 74, has reportedly married Lebanese woman in her 30s, according Utusan Malaysia. ~the star


Rich people tend to go for mistress but this guy remarries which is better and lawfully right.

He is 74 and the lady is in her 30's, damn harddDD to imagine yeah, harddDDly, and the woman is Lebanese, not local. Haah that is why they always say, U minister don't walk the talk, ask us to support barangan buatan Malaysia buy a proton and u all ride a foreign car, but this is not a car it's alive it's love.

and kudos to the power of gambir Sarawak a few site said :)) but i'm sure it wasn't true because i read somewhere, gambir Sarawak works another way and not the Viagra way.

Last but not least, wishing u all the best.

There's lots of people in this world who spend so much time watching their health that they haven't the time to enjoy it. ~Josh Billings


Taged by luvly miss emy'n nur

I should wear a sweater...

Everybody don't tag me anymore pleaseee, peace (o_-)

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Tag from luvly miss noreed.


"Once you have been tagged,you are suppose to write a note, with 25 random thing, fact, habits or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tag you, it's because I want to know more about you. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

1. Currently working.

2. Owned a car.

3. Homeless and renting.

4. Wanted to write a children's book.

5. Compilation a number of short stories.

6. Story about a solatiry girl.

7. suck at socializing.

8. Found the internet and learned 3 things from it.

9. Self defense, stealth and stalking, espionage.

10. fed up with bullies.

11. determined to take revenge.

12. one night wore a mask

13. intended to go spying on her bullies.

14. encountered an unfortunate event every time.

15. end up helping.

16. never gotta chance to take revange.

17. learned lesson from each episode.

18. eying pts to publish.

19. in bahasa.

20. children below 15.

21. don't know how many pages yet.

22. so far have 5 stories in my head.

23. means didn't write a single word yet.

24. will write soon.

25. will start tomorrow, insyaAllah.

hated tag but will never let any follower down m(_ _)m one more tag to go.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Dear friend,

Be warned, U are not in the right friendship when your 'friend' always says all kind of beautiful things about friendship at the same time enjoys sucking u dry.

One said, Real friend should have everything in common. Yeah right, ur fren just want to live at your expenses, while U work your ass off he turned down every job opportunities at hand, 'waiting' for the right job he said, until u realize it, its already MONTHS of u paying all the bills and he jollies away his days eating, sleeping and dating.

One said, when people are in trouble they should be left alone, and not be bothered. Yes, when u are in need where would u go, to your housemate lah where else, but he wasn't there, shyfully u went elsewhere for loans or just postponed the rent that month. It's surprising to realized that he always wasn't there in time of trouble, awkward yeah?

One said, true friendship, was quite free from selfishness of any kind. True but isn't it awkward or even eerie to find out that u are the only one who is being generous while he keeps on giving the same excuses of waiting for the right job and want to be dependent (don't want to ask his family to contribute in paying the bills).

Lastly, he always speaking quite plainly to you of 'virtues and holiness'... just to cover his indignitious low life of hypocrite ass and parasite way of living on others sweat and tears.

I can't read mind but I knowww, I've been there 4 years ago. (Just got back from a fuming chat)

p/s: will response to tag later.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has called on Malaysians to grow their own vegetables as lower demand will force prices down, reported Utusan Malaysia.

Ismail said this would also reduce expenditure. ~the star

Lets quit our jobs and eat bugs.

Is it too late to realize that our education system doesn't produce adequate farmers to work the land and our human resource management doesn't provide sufficient peasant to work on it.

What our parents, teachers and leaders told us? Study hard so that we might work in an air conditioned office and get higher salary and that's what we did. Unintentionally they're imbuing our generation to work for others and in an office, defining the word good job as work in an office with aircon and get paid.

Those who didn't made it instead of encouraging em to farm or fish, the government provided em with places and loans to further their studies so that they too might get a shot at working in an air conditioned office and get paid.

For labor and peasant the government get it outside, but the first generation only work in the field the later usually after getting citizenship dreamed the same dreams to work in an office with aircon and get paid.

Later resulted in nobody would work the land and on it. Soon, I mean now, farmers are as scarce as vegetables and fish itself, and yield in price hike.

Now DS Ismail Sabri asked everybody to grow their own vegetable to coup with today's price hike, later who knows, catch our own fish and hunting may be?

Monday, December 13, 2010


Una: being the eldest, i have to give up almost everything every time..

*put on shades*

Una: including my cut of nutrient

*glide out*

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Motorists cry foul over water march
By Elizabeth Zachariah

KUALA LUMPUR: Irresponsible. This is what many motorists were calling demonstrators yesterday who took to the streets on a march to Istana Negara, causing a number of road closures around the city.

Read more: Motorists cry foul over water march http://www.nst.com.my/nst/articles/14rew/Article/#ixzz17KYTrHuM

I always against street rallies which ever side it is from. To me KL streets already packed and jammed. Also the streets provide life to some, like hawkers, taxi drivers, vendors and patient on an ambulance. Don't add insult to injuries.

Why all the hard work, why can't they just put the memo in an envelop and post it. Let the postman deliver the memo. It will not cost any traffic, any trouble to any one, by pass the police and the Istana security in a non controversial way.

Will it get in the hand of the Sultan, is not the question, since the Sultan aide also will received the memo on behalf of the sultan even if the demonstrators pass through, makes no different isn't it.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010


di TAG oleh Cik Naziha Sanusi

kena TAG la pulak, saya cukup malas main benda ni,
tapi kerana menghormati Cik Naziha Sanusi,
ok lah, pertama dan terakhir.
so tengah belek-belek album gambar lama-lama jumpa gambar ni masa muda-muda dulu.
so enjoy gambar ni, saya letak tajuk,
terkejut katak.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


52-year-old Tammy Banovac caused a stir in Oklahoma Airport in United States when she went through airport security in just her underwear. ~the star

As we all know security measures at the United State airport have been escalated after 9/11, resulted in inching long security queue, embarrassing procedure of belt off and shoes off (remember Tun Mahathir had a compliant on this once) and even strip search.

Back to Tammy Banovac, the reason was she wanted to avoid a body check so she went in one piece.

Here in Malaysia we called that as 'PERLI' or sindir (to tease), big time punya.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Air stewardess killed in head-on crash

GEORGE TOWN: Air stewardess Ng Sweet Yuin’s plan to spend quality time with her grandmother was cut short by a road accident.

The Malaysia Airlines stewardess, 27, died on the spot after her Perodua MyVi was involved in a head-on collision with a Proton Satria driven by a 22-year-old youth on the Jelutong Expressway at 3.15am yesterday. ~the star

Some people fear of flying, but this poor girl had been flying for two years and paradoxically died on the ground.

Fear of flying, is it resulted from fear of dying or fear of height?

U r more likely to be killed on the way to the airport (or the way back) than to die in a plane crash, they said, a what, thousand, million to one the chances are. Meaning road accident kills more.

I think the feeling of not in control plus being apart from mother earth, makes life more excited. Your life solely in the hands of a total stranger, the pilot, what if he is in a bad mood that day, And thinking u'll likely walk away from road accident but not a chance at 34 000 feet above ground.

I think it's the fear of dying even though it is irrational.

"And every Ummah has its appointed term; when their term comes, neither can they delay it nor can they hasten it an hour (or a moment)" (Quran 7:34)


Friday, December 3, 2010


A few minutes ago, I've been wandering thru cyberspace and i bumped into a partisan blog which caught my attention. In the first paragraph the author posted a surah from the glorious Quran which Allah the Exalted tells us,

"O you who believe! Let not a group scoff at another group, it may be that the latter are better than the former. Nor let (some) women scoff at other women, it may be that the latter are better than the former. ~49:11

Somewhere in the middle, he was despisingly scoffing a CM of a state as black, literally, name calling the CM, Mamak kutty and depicted him as teh tarik brewer. Understandably he have some issues with this CM, so let him be, it is his fight with the CM.

Now what's with the mamak, the black and the teh tarik brewer.

Paradoxically, now he is belittling contemptuously the mamak and the teh tarik brewer, marginalizing the black, that is doubtfully has something to do with this fight?
Deliberately or unintentionally defying the beautiful surah from the holiest Quran which is earlier he quoted.

after all the curses and scorns he ended his post with wabillahi taufik walhidayah...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


GTP: Raising rural income by growing pricey tapioca
By Desmond Davidson

KUCHING: The humble tapioca, long a source of food for the country's rural folk, will soon be planted nationwide as a cash crop to supplement their income.

Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal said yesterday tapioca was suitable as a cash crop now because it fetched high prices in the local and international markets.

"Tapioca is now a source of many products. But its use for
biofuel ethanol is the reason why it fetches high prices. ~NST

Who says money doesn't grow on tress.

We human tend to go for easy money, well who wouldn't? and that is where terms such as 'makan atas angin', 'ali baba', get rich quick scheme, and MLM became so popular. Have land, we mortgaged it to get easy money to buy stocks that purportedly make easy money that eventually dry up. Kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Once there was an anonymous friend constantly provoking me with irritatingly messages to get me to join a get rich quick scheme of hers. The message goes, 'making money is not a problem if u only knew, smart people make money in their pajamas, people want to be rich but they r lazy to kick start, so don't blame rich people if u r poor, and so on'.

I never response to one because i have money, not rich, i'd say enough. Until one day i did response, cause i want to play around only, i said, "u must be the richest person in Malaysia, aren't U?", damn, she blew up and start nagging of Malay dilema and ASB. So I pulled the break and offered an olive branch, eventually she cools down.

I started to talk in some back ground of hers when i found out she's actually a civil servant, Mother Father! With that proud talk U'd think she is a successful entrepreneur somewhere. This show that the business shes in wasn't that good as she purported, whereas she would let go of her secured government job and achieve wealthiness in her so called easy money making in a pajamas venture, would she?

Monday, November 29, 2010


or father...

Man comes clean and pleads guilty to dirty deeds

A 39-YEAR-OLD civilian employee of the Singapore police force masturbated in his office before adding his semen into his female colleagues’ drinking bottles, Nanyang Siang Pau reported.

Sim Keng Tee approached his colleagues on the pretext of having a chat with them before secretly recording them drinking the water with his mobile phone.

The administrative staff started his despicable act on Feb 21, 2008 when he masturbated in front of a woman colleague’s photo. He kept his semen in a bottle before pouring it into her drinking bottle.
~read more


A man would go thru any hardship, risking everything, his career or even his life to achieve his sexual nirvana, creatively.

Surprisingly turning down the easier way, Marriage.

Do U know where your drinking bottle is? /XD

Friday, November 26, 2010


A tranny (she-male) invited a few newly made male friends to his hotel room to party *ehem ehem* end ups walloped and robed. Harian Metro reported.

That's totally hardcore. (x_x

Now that is unfortunate or what. Sometimes what U wish for comes in a package. Wish for a beauty queen as a wife in return she is lazy to the core. Wish for wealth... always come with insecurity, later the money goes to alarm and safety.

A friend was unhappy when he was posted to the boondocks later applied to be transferred to the city, eventually his application was answered just to find himself worried over the rent gone thru the roof later on.

Careful what u wish for, cause u might regret it. Be grateful.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Excessively lauding. We've been fed with lies all the way. Non stop, including days we considered important.

Take wedding for example. Every wedding they would play the "bagai pinang dibelah dua" over and over again,

yet when we meet the brides, it is not even close to the so called "bagai pinang dibelah dua". (usually the groom)

What are they trying to do, being sarcastic? on a wedding?

So what are u suggesting? vis-a-vis? get real, beast always go for beauty, won't go for another beast.

No,,, I meant here, GET REAL and play other song, how many times do u want to repeat this song? don't make fun of others coz someday somebody will make fun of U.

I was talking to the DJ of a kenduri kahwin.

m(_ _)m

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cerai isteri tidak cantik makin meningkat

Cerai isteri tidak cantik makin meningkat

KUCHING: Ada sesetengah lelaki yang bergelar suami sanggup melepaskan isteri masing-masing selepas mendakwa wanita dinikahi tidak lagi kelihatan menarik dan cantik seperti ketika mereka berkenalan dan melangsungkan perkahwinan dulu.

Mereka menganggap perubahan wajah dan penampilan wanita terbabit memaksa mereka mencari pengganti sehingga menyebabkan rumah tangga dibina mulai goyah, malah ada yang membawa kepada perceraian.

Perkara ini didedahkan Menteri Muda di Pejabat Ketua Menteri (Hal Ehwal Agama), Datuk Daud Abd Rahman yang memberitahu, kadar perceraian di kalangan pasangan Islam di negeri ini semakin meningkat saban tahun disebabkan ada suami menganggap isterinya tidak cantik apabila mencapai satu tempoh. ~Metro


Err ladies kalau u all bijak u all beranak banyak-banyak dulu sebelum jadi tak cantik sure hubby u tak berani tinggal u.

Monday, November 22, 2010


He who walks, walks alone.

I'm on a six weeks leave. I left my astoniswara AB over sea. Without wheels, very difficult and time consuming to travel, but still got legs, functional, both of them. Need to go out to do something. Have to opt for other means.

He who takes the bus, save the planet.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Bicycle bomb kills three civilians in Afghanistan

JALALABAD, Afghanistan — Three civilians were killed and another 25 were wounded when a bomb fixed to a bicycle exploded in eastern Afghanistan, the governor said. AFP Reported.

Bicycle? Either they're out of cars or out of cash. /hmm

Define terrorism? called our former PM, Dr Mahathir, but 'they' never answer. They afraid it might include their best friend, Israel.

So terrorism remain ambiguous, what is done by non friend is terror and what is done by friend is self defense, whilst it's the same thing.

Until terrorism is defined terror continues.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Divorcee tries to rape ex-wife



A MAN who couldn’t get over his divorce tried to rape his ex-wife after discovering that she had become more attractive since their separation, Harian Metro reported. ~the star

Define Gila Talak? /wahaha

Let us read again,

"she had become more attractive since their separation."

Got that?

Is it literally? Means she once ugly then after divorce, she biologically and hormonally altered thus become more attractive?

or she is what she is but decided to dress up after her divorce?

or the guy just didn't noticed (that she IS beautiful) when she was his, emm sadly nobody ever did.

You never know what U have until U lose it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Teen wallops girlfriend over break-up

JOHOR BARU: An 18-year-old was violently assaulted with a stick, kicked and slapped when she wanted to break up with her boyfriend on Sunday.

The boyfriend, also 18, then threatened to stalk and stab her if she reported the assault to the police.

Fearing for her life, the teenager lodged a report and police are now looking for the boyfriend.

Every time somebody says "no police", that's exactly the time a fella should get himself over to the police. (",)

Beaten up with a stick, splashed with engine oil, slap and kick then threatened to stalk and stab wow that's really defined wallops eh.

Next time do it quietly never spell it out,

starts with delaying, delay to answer call and sms. Show hesitancy to go out together and everything. Make excuses, unreasonable one even better, hopefully he geddit earlier, until he peter out and take the first step to avoid U,

and that's how its done.

Luckily this incident incurred before marriage, if they're planning to, otherwise things would be more complicated.



Had a meeting this week, last one this year. Did u noticed different types of personalities in a meeting? What would be the most irritating one to U?

To me it would be the constipator, an idea killer that would constantly constipated any idea to no avail.

The MC: What do U think if we do like this...

the constipator: Wa cannot lah, cannot..

Attendees: How about we do like this...

the constipator: still cannot la, cannot..

Attendees: or we do like this...

the conspitator: wa that definitely cannot la..

The MC: so what do u propose?

the constipator: Wa tak taw la, tak taw...

Mother father la U, if its not because of U we would have finish this off hours ago.

Good MC would impose to anybody who wants to object must come up with an alternative idea therefor would get the meeting going and gets result or else SHUT UP!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Baby gets breasts after taking milk powder

A FOUR-MONTH-OLD baby boy from Jiangxi, started to develop breasts and grow pubic hair after consuming milk powder produced by a company in Fujian Province for two weeks, reported Sin Chew Daily.~the star

Good news to thee who seek upon breast enlargement cause thou shalt need not to face knife and needle no more.

O haven't U heard of a miracle bestowed as a milk powder that shalt cultivate your breast, ...and I don't know about the size ...so don't get excited.

Man made marvel and ridicule at the same time. /wahaha

Friday, November 12, 2010


Make voluntary activities compulsory for students: Rosmah

KUALA LUMPUR: Institutes of higher learning should make it compulsory for students to get involved in voluntary activities, said Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.~The Star

Well Datin Sri if it is compulsory than it is not voluntary anymore

People, did u know the word 'sahaja' later on reverted to 'sengaja' for the purpose to materialize the voluntary intent.

Hypothetically by verbalizing the word voluntary might triggered the soul and the brain to voluntary submit and focus. As the soul submit the body follows.

The phrase 'don't judge a book by its cover' doesn't applied to human does it? Apparently, what is on the outside comes from the inside. *Based on context of course*

BTW I do understand what DS Rosmah meant.


A woman living at an apartment unit in Taman Segar, Cheras, was shocked when a Peeping Tom recorded her taking a shower in the bathroom.~The Star

Only a matter of time this short recording or picture would find its way to the internet.

What has this world come to

when U are not secure in your current home it's time to rent at another place.

Well no, it's time the government to ban handphone with camera or raise its price so that it would not get into everybody's hand, especially those ungrateful unethical pervertible culprit.

Raise its price, hanphone with camera would become exclusive, the possessor become small, small made easy to trace and identify, help to fight sexual crime, to check pervertible habits.

Let say RM3000 as a price floor. unaffordable? Good.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Single mum seeks help to get a hubby

A SINGLE mother has approached the Umno Youth community and complaints bureau with an unusual request – to find her a husband! ~the star

This is new, now politician has to widen their services not just to seek more investors to provide more jobs and to make more money to provide better infrastructures yet to seek husbands for the singles.

In the future by election or general election we might hear,

"Vote for me, TWO WEEKS after I made into office I'll find everybody a husband. *Eventually if I did I'll turn everybody down*"

Don't stereotypes, some politician do serve.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Fried onions and used condom for dinner

A USED condom was found in a 100gm packet of fried onion that was sold at a convenience store in Singapore, Sin Chew Daily reported.

A 46-year-old air-con mechanic only be known as Ho told a daily in Singapore that he and his wife had the fried onion as a side dish for dinner last Saturday.

When the couple finished eating, they poured the remaining fried onion into a container but to their horror they saw a used pink condom among the content while emptying the plastic bag.

“It is ridiculous that a used condom could be found inside a packet of fried onion. If it is an insect, we can still understand and forgive,” said Ho.~the star

/omg Man, me too, I could forgive an insect but I will never forgive a condom, adding the last straw, a used one.

Mother father! Here's an assumption of how a used condom get in there. I read in the news a few years back of a kindergarten teacher busted mating with her boyfriend at the kindergarten where she work, after work of course whereas she would be caught earlier.

Apparently, If it could happen in a kindergarten it could happen anywhere, right?

Now they should send the used condom to Puspawari for a DNA test. /hmm

Monday, November 8, 2010


1. A traumatized girl end up sleeping with a stick, a 2 by 4 may be, after an unexpected encountering with a naked thief in her home the night before. /shock

2. A housewife greet a naked thief eventually she thought he was her husband. the thief replied, "Abg mabuk (I'm drunk)" and jump out of the window when then she realized her husband is sleeping on the sofa.

3. There is a report of a series of break ins where victims saw naked men in their houses before leaving wearing kain pelikat.

Now, the million dollar question is does nudity make someone invisible? seen but cannot be perceived? as the art of ninjutsu where invisibility is not actually being invisible. The philosophy of invisibility is when someone cannot perceived u are there.

How?, by mixing or blend in to make u less obvious. Wear green in the woods. Wear brown in the desert. Wear baju Melayu during hari Raya. Wear cheong sam during Chinese New Year.

Does nudity make u less obvious? that is the stupidest idea i ever heard. /wahaha

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Bus crashes into canal, killing one


KUANTAN: A 25-year-old man who was killed in an express bus accident in Pekan had earlier spoken with his friend about the reckless driver.

Mohd Shukri Zahak, 25, said he and Ismail Natayudden Hamdan were talking about the speeding bus.

Ten minutes later, Ismail died when the bus skidded and hit a divider before plunging into a canal at Kampung Sungai Miang. -from the star.

Imagine if he knew that he have only ten minutes left? /sweat Student of media might noticed these series of bus accident lately reported by the media as media link age. Is it a coincidence that one incident might trigger another?

Back in my Kampung, my late grandmother used to tell me when somebody died if it claimed one and it stop, it means that's it. But if it takes two then it will be three, like a series. It is believed death will stop at odd number, 1, 3, 5 and end at seven in a certain place or community.

Later I found it to be true, whenever somebody died in my kampung, it must be either 1, 3, 5 or 7. Seven is the most and later its stop for a longer period of time before it starts again with another series.

Coincidence? /blur

Monday, November 1, 2010


Pervert on the loose in Teluk Intan housing estate

A MAN has been openly masturbating in the backlane of a residential area in Teluk Intan to the disgust of residents.

China Press reported that the man, in his 30s, rode a bicycle to the backlane on different hours of the day for a few days recently to masturbate.

The man showed his manhood and even moaned loudly, it reported.

The daily reported that many housewives had witnessed the indecent act from their kitchens.

/shock I read this from the star. How stress and tense can overcome reason and drive them to the gutter diverge from normality.

Sexual crimes are on the rise, some case involve murder or lead to murder such as baby dumping and 3gp circulation, humiliation, aggressive means.

Others are disturbances often known as sexual harassment, like the one above. No physical contact yet psychologically and emotionally offended.

What U should do to prevent being harm by pervert. Go back to basic, don't talk to stranger and don't ever trust them. Once I heard of a girl who end up gang raped after going out with a chat mate who she barely knew.

Contact the police if U encountered one, even it is harmless as the one above who knows what he'll do in the future for people always get bored and advance to new things.

Walk in group whenever u need to go out during the day or at night. There is another incident I read in the paper of a student who sued her college after getting raped by stranger (not one of the student or the college staff) inside the college pantry room, how the heaven he get in there?

And observe Allah rule of Aurah (aurat), observe His rule He will observe U. /bye

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Previously, Siti Balqis missing again, she'd SMSed her mother telling her this time the Djin had taken her to Gunung Jerai in Kedah.

Later, the police was able to trace her and found her in Jelebu Negeri Sembilan where she actually took a bus there, huh now Djin drive a bus? /omg

Before this she ends up on a Rambutan tree after she claimed also been kidnapped by Djin to a cave 15 kilos from her home, informed by mean of SMS also, surprisingly hah.

This kinda eerie, just what in the heaven is going on here, who is the real Djin here?

Well, once her relative eye witnessed her levitating an about to fly out of the window? And there are magical stones to be taken into account.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I asked a friend of why she seldom and hesitantly go back to her home town. I was wondering if she's afraid of flying as I am. The answer I got was shocking yet not surprising.

Everywhere she goes people revered her and see her as a good-natured person except at home where she grew up, she claimed. In fact she is, she has no record of addiction, bitching, gambling on the contrary she's a graduate from a line of prominent institutions, well known boarding school to a well recognize higher institution.

Her family judge her with prejudice, every word and action of her's was deemed devious, and when proved wrong they resort to excuse rather than apology, she added.

She said she's happy of her dwelling now where people humanely respect humanity, there are trustworthy, benevolent and virtue not like at home where she grew up.

I replied, that is the difference between Islam and Muslims by name.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Security guard aka Jaga (awake) in Malay.

Malaysia 2011 budget announcement stated that the cost of Jaga will increase, from RM500 to RM700 per month.

But what is the cost if they fall asleep? a whooping RM 2.6 million MYR!

Yesterday, 24 Oct, In Kota Bahru, 12 express buses destroyed by fire when the respective Jaga who supposed to Jaga but fell asleep on the job and failed to notice earlier of the incident.

Jaga cost more when they asleep.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Earlier today I was wandering through cyber space when I came across this question. I found it interesting, don't get me wrong, the problems is serious but the way it goes is a little bit funny. Its about coconut and dowry.

What about the cast system in Hinduism?
I married a man who is from India.

I am constantly being nagged, by his parents, about how I do not come from a good cast and how I did not give them dowry. What on earth is this all about? They did not give my parents any dowry, why should my parents give them anything? I don't get it... Someone please explain....

My parents give my husband and I a Home and two cars plus some money to put in savings account, his parents gave us a coconut..

I do not care what they gave us.... but they, my husbands parents, nag and nag about how bad of a wife I am .....

Is there anything to stop that, other than divorce.... My husband does not want a divorce..I do..

I am an American, and of no cast.

I gather some information about caste system in Hinduism, it's actually something like a social class u are in.

and the Dowry is opposite to what we've been practicing. The bride pays at marriage not the husband.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Earlier today I read about a feng shui master who unfeng shuily lost his left hand from a vicious attack. It happened when he was walking to his car after dinner at some restaurant. He says he didn't see it coming.

/wahaha Muahaha he never saw it coming? He's not a fortune teller but a feng shui master. OK, but isn't feng shui is about attracting good luck?

Historically, feng shui is used to orient buildings in order to receive positive qi to improve life.

O I gedit he didn't park right. /hmm

Monday, October 18, 2010


I read in the news a couple of days ago, of a lustful immoral physical education teacher's favorite pastime, it's like a stake lover who live in a cattle farm.

And today i found out that lock-picking is a hobby somewhere. I don't know since when breaking into someones house is considered a pastime. After this may be stolen goods collecting would emerge as a hobby also, it's called chain reaction.

Hey look at my stolen goods collection. How did it started, I learn lock-picking as a hobby and started getting bored lock-picking my own house and properties, I'm bored pretending to have lost my keys everyday.

So I went further lock-picking the entire neighborhood until one day i stumble upon some goods that interest me.

I took one, and stumble upon another one in another house, i think to my self what the heaven, i took another, and another, and another.

Before i realized it, there's already a load so i decided upon a theme for my stolen goods and here it is, the silver, the electronic, the odds.

At least they got to tell the cop that they're practicing their hobby ya. Well it's better than that of the PE teacher's.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I read a news today. In Terengganu, a teenage girl had been kidnapped by Djins and they took her to a cave 15 km away from her home.

Luckily she brought her handset with her and eventually found the time to sms her mother of her whereabouts.

Her mother then alerted the neighbors and they went looking for her at the pinpoint. Unfortunately the Djin sent her back before the search party reached her.

Due to aviation error may be, she landed on a rambutan tree near her house instead.

News IS entertaining isn't it?.

About handset, a friend of mine rent a house. A few months back his place caught on fire. He escaped unharmed but couldn't save anything including his wallet where the important documents such as IC, ATMs and license are, BUT manage to grab his HANDSET along. Believe that?. Handset and men are inseparable these days aren't they?

Djin however, I do believe in Djin as the tradition of the prophet PBUH and the Holy Quran confirmed its existence and even has a surah named after the Djin.

Monday, October 11, 2010


U got to beware of hypocrites out there. When things got out of their hand they would run and hide behind religion. I knew a person once, snobbish she was, chesty as a peacock, all because she thinks she had it all. She picked on another girl with name calling and all. Always found her self superior over others until one day God turn the tables, she end up worse of the worst. Suddenly we found her praising ALLAH the all-just, obviously trying to shield herself from the humiliation she's got herself in to. Once you're picking on others like there is no God and only now U felt His all-just presence?

So as multi level marketeer. Multi level marketeer don't sells goods yet sells membership and tales. they often associated their products with either health or religion or both. Why it cost more than ordinary tooth paste because our tooth paste it is blessed and enriched with herbs that will make your teeth as white as all that is white, as strong as all that is strong and blessed, a blessed teeth?. See blessed and herb. Our coffee also cost more because we charged for the blessing and the health giving, drink four pack a day and your high blood pressure will go down, your sexual drive will go up. See blessed and health giving. Man, don't sells tales, we will support your business as fellow human and for your determination, nothing more nothing less.

Same goes to courtship. When one's realize it is already late so where to go, yes, religion. One day we find this person preaching of a good husband-ship or wife-ship. With all the tradition and the holy scribes put up front. I don't want to go more on this. /XD

Folks, never falls for opportunist as politician can promise to save a home but never fulfill it, how in hell or israel that they can grant heaven?

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Most of the time we are deceived. we tend to see what others showed us because its easier or what we wish to see, deluding, because truth hurt.

Look at politic. The art of deceiving, how politician manipulate certain incident so that we look the other way or the way they want us to look at so that they can continue ignoring us. Whereas that thing is less important to us.

Focusing on verbal racism on the other hand practicing racism. action speaks louder than words. In parliament, call to take actions against verbal racism, word of racism. While back in Penang fast tracking to dominate and conquer, demolishing what belong to other races, act of racism. Which is worse? /hmm

The problem is stupid love to focus and babble about the smaller particles the politician makes a mountain out of. Meanwhile, while we're intoxicating they are sweeping the largest particles which is more valuable and important under the carpet.

So what's important? Worldly inheritance and possession within reach or heavenly order that is further away? We need to take a few step back to look at the bigger picture than only we can observe. As the wise man say, first things first.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I received a lot of emails encouraging me to be successful and the sender define successful as to make/ have a lot of money.

"people want to be rich but they don't want to lift a finger so don't blame rich people if u are not rich, join us"

"a smart person, makes money in his pajamas... wanna know the secret? join us"

"(making) money is not a problem, if u only knew, join us"

Those are some of the excerpts, I never response to one, though I wonder what is the products, what is the services hence she never mentioned it. Then how? the money materialized from thin air?

So one day i responded, I wrote, "u must be the richest person in Malaysia" and u know what, she's annoyed by me. And started lecturing about Malay dilemma, and continue to successful person in Malaysia, which to her are those rich people. By all means those person have products and services to offer.

I offered her an olive branch and she started to cool down where i myself took the liberty to talk in some background of hers. Astonishingly i found out she's working as a government officer, f-man! I thought by the way she talked as if she's an entrepreneur somewhere! /nobigdeal

Hey man why don't u quit and prove to me u could live on your proud words.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I just got back from a chat with a friend. He just received a new member in his family, a baby boy. He talked about his experience as a dad as a new person with new responsibility. He had evolve many times in his life from a student to a career person to a husband and now to a father. Lucky him.

A successful person always have plan with their life. Normally human will live up to 60 or 70. 20 years to study, 20 years as father, 20 years to reflects, is quite a perfect plan. Good for those whose plan work as planned.

But for some people, their life had been rob from them. Born in the postal age but never had a chance to even unwrap his own letters. Been to college but graduated alone. One day he awake reminiscing to himself of what he should have that had been taken away from him.

Life isn't the same as video game where u can just restart all over again. In real life what u missed or been taken away from u will lost forever. Its not the best to regret over the past or try to catch up with what you've missed but it's better to do what u are supposed to do right now before it is lost again.

So what's your plan for tomorrow, you got 24 hours to spend.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


I bought a new number (sim card) from a new service provider. After installing and activating the number i got a few smses that came one after another. I just skimmed through but one caught my attention.

The excerpt goes, u have successfully bought/ paid for a song. RM1.50 have been deducted from your credit. This subscription will continue to deduct your money/ credit weekly.

World Taekwondo Federation! they just deducted my money without my consent. So this is how they make money. I didn't know that they've set the subscription by default. But i didn't see any use of a caller ring tone to me so u need to consult me before taking my money. Money doesn't grow on trees.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I want to quote a profound phrase that i heard today that goes "Bak kata pepatah harimau mati meninggalkan belang, Pn Yul belum mati lagi tapi meninggalkan nama..".

It was about one of our work mate who is leaving to work at another place. We fixed her a farewell party and gave her an oven, literally. There was not a dry pair of eyes in the house including her who got an oven.

She's been there for ten years, I arrived at her last three, two and a half, two and a quarter to be exact. She had been a sister and an inspiration to all. Her swiftness and dedication are truly an admiration.

So folk if U want an oven starts filling the e-tukar now.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


At the third phases of your child life (13 upwards) it is encouraged that parents be friend with their children. Teenagers need to be closely monitored yet respected. Close monitor doesn't mean treating them with prejudice instead put reason up front to rationale parent's actions of a rationale action of course.

With all the physical changes and increased sex drive privacy is a necessity. Gets your children consent over periodical room and belongings inspection to tell them that you respect their privacy yet this is your house and don't bring illegal stuff inside your house and their life. Diary, smses and letters are considered private so treat like one, if u need to read those make sure they read it first and they don't know u have read it and don't humiliate them by telling them u read their diary, letters and smes. If u found something unpleasant in there, consult them don't interrogate because they're not criminals.

Teenagers need to be heard. Listen to them. Parents will not be degraded if U ask for your teenage child opinion sometime. This will help and value them as pre adult. Problems emerge with some parents ignoring their children and pretending they know everything thus what's best for their teenage child. This is proven wrong. Yes parents know what is best based on experience yet it is better to guide their children instead of imposing arbitrary decision. Unless they asked u to.

Trust. Ever wonder why father knows last, because your child don't trust U. Right in the face. When parents deemed their children with prejudice, they plucked one petal of trust from their children. When parents unwrapped and read their children's letters before they did, parents plucked another petal of trust. When parents read their children's diary, they plucked another. In the end the flower of trust are gone and your children go to a total stranger.

If parents follow closely what have been suggested if god permits nothing will goes wrong. Remember what you give is what u get. Don't blame the education system, their friends and the internet if anything goes wrong with your children because everything started with u, parents.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


What U shouldn't do when u are old is giving free lecture of a subject u totally unfamiliar of trying to hide the fact that u are an ignorance once. People hate hypocrite.

Ignoramus. At their early life they refused to study, note: free education are available at the mosque. At the later age when retired they start reading books, listening to the radio and TV. Basically learning without an expert guidance is learning from Mr Satan himself.

Out of sudden, one day they are found giving sermon and advices free of charge to others. All quotes given are based merely on their own interpretation without the guidance of an expert, thus created a new scholar. Everyday they sit on the porch hoping for others to make mistake so that they can start lecturing when they see one.

These free sermon, advices and lecture are given so that others see them as pious men, hiding the fact that they are the ignorant brat.

What they are unaware of is hypocrite generates much more hatred and shines more ignorance despite what is obvious.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Once a parent asked me to scold his teenage child who he claimed is avoiding him. Apparently his teaming up to jump on his child. I asked the parent in return did he have any idea to why his child behave in that particular manner? He said because of bad influenced from his child company. Eventually, that what all losers do, blame others.

Islam proposes three phases in raising children, the first seven years after birth, the second seven years and the third seven years.

The first seven years, adores your child, play with them and talk to them, miss this, they won't talk to u later too much of this they'd turn aggressive and egocentric.

The second seven years, discipline them, after installing love and affection its time to discipline them, miss this, they won't respect you, too much of this u've just created a psycho.

The third phase begin at 13 or 14 years old, Islam encourages parents to be friend with their child as at this age they're pre-adult and delicate, despite closely monitored, respect their privacy, show that U trusted them, hear them out, miss this, they'll hate U, too much of this they'll turned wild.

This is the path of Islam, the path of peace, peace needs balance, balance needs pairs, both parent's rights and child's rights observed, no room for chaos. Walk its path, nothing goes wrong.

So why is your teenage child avoiding U? it's either u never talk to him when he was at the first seven years, or u jump to discipline him or u still treating him like a kid whereas his already a teenager. reflects man, reflects.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Secret to happiness. Your parents live to see U live better. How do u repay them is not how much money u send them per month. It's what they can tell people about their children achievement. YOU, that is their ultimate achievement.

Scores in every major examinations. earned a place at the university. get a good job and a good husband or wife, husband especially. The benchmark is when they're not hesitant to tell people about U their child in any conversation they're in.

My daughter's got straight A's in SPM? She's an excellent student.

Now she's studying at Uni.... (This was before when very few selective people only can further their study at Uni, nowadays everybody can get a degree, not fun anymore.)

Now engaged to a successful organic farmer.

Her brother run his own internet business (then working with government was the most prestige, now blergh /no its time to throw away the walking stick)

Money is one of the tool of happiness but in their age money doesn't do much good, with diabetics, hi blood pressure, etc etc, end of money story.

Remember when they're not HESITANT to tell everybody who u are is their secret to happiness.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


ALLAH said in the Holy Quran (And of everything We have created pairs, that you may remember. Ad-Dhariyat: 49). Then the Holy Quran give example from the simplest to the complex, there is day and night, heaven and earth, men and women, man's rights and woman's rights, husband's right and wife's rights, parent's rights and child's rights. Pairs, yin yang, push pull.

Islam mean peace. Peace achieved when there is balance. The balance requires the pairs mutually benefit each other. A wife observes husband's rights and a husband observes wife's rights. A child observes parent's rights and parents observe child's rights. There is no one sided coin, both are outlined and prescribed in Islam.

At the other end of peace is chaos. Chaos emerge when the other side is ignored. We took that are in favor of us and left that are not. A husband expects his wife to observe his right but ignored his wife's rights. A parent ask an Ustaz of his rights to scold his child but never ask what of his child's rights. Wife rebels, children run away from home, rebelious.

When everything are one sided the pairs are broken, no pairs no balance, no balance no peace, no peace not Islam (not Islamic).


Why do Finland’s schools get the best results?
By Tom Burridge
BBC World News America, Helsinki

Last year more than 100 foreign delegations and governments visited Helsinki, hoping to learn the secret of their schools’ success.

In 2006, Finland’s pupils scored the highest average results in science and reading in the whole of the developed world. In the OECD’s exams for 15 year-olds, known as PISA, they also came second in maths, beaten only by teenagers in South Korea.

This isn’t a one-off: in previous PISA tests Finland also came out top. [Read More Here]

The extract of their tactics:

1. Provison of additional teacher to those (pupils) who struggle with all pupils are kept in the same classroom.*

2. Primary and secondary schooling is combined to avoid potentially disruptive transition.

3. The same teacher lead the same class with the same pupils for several years.*

4. School start at the age of seven before then children learn best when playing.

5. Parents have a culture of reading with their kids at home.*

Friday, September 17, 2010


Still remember Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu the sitcom? before 'Senario', 'Pi Mai Pi Mai tang Tu' was one of the most favored comedy sitcom ever aired. Among the casts were Sabri Yunus, Ahmad Busu, Imuda, Pak Uda, Angeline Tan, Sathiya, Khatijah Tan and the late Pak Busu. Each with their own personality and comic attraction.

Pak Uda with his adult joke and misplaced button, Imuda with his northern accent, Sabri Yunus with his Kelantanese, Sathiya, one of the character that will make u sure laugh and sweet sweet Angeline Tan, people will laugh with her just being her.

What make Pi mai pi mai tang tu better than Senario is the 1Malaysia concept, they had it even before DS Najib premiership. Mix races living together dealing with daily issues, each episode is about helping one another regardless race or religion, the key is respect, and what's better they joke about it, it's the icing on the cake.

With nowadays tension we should bring back Pi mai pi mai tang tu to teach us a little about joke and a lot about tolerance.
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