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Sunday, September 26, 2010


At the third phases of your child life (13 upwards) it is encouraged that parents be friend with their children. Teenagers need to be closely monitored yet respected. Close monitor doesn't mean treating them with prejudice instead put reason up front to rationale parent's actions of a rationale action of course.

With all the physical changes and increased sex drive privacy is a necessity. Gets your children consent over periodical room and belongings inspection to tell them that you respect their privacy yet this is your house and don't bring illegal stuff inside your house and their life. Diary, smses and letters are considered private so treat like one, if u need to read those make sure they read it first and they don't know u have read it and don't humiliate them by telling them u read their diary, letters and smes. If u found something unpleasant in there, consult them don't interrogate because they're not criminals.

Teenagers need to be heard. Listen to them. Parents will not be degraded if U ask for your teenage child opinion sometime. This will help and value them as pre adult. Problems emerge with some parents ignoring their children and pretending they know everything thus what's best for their teenage child. This is proven wrong. Yes parents know what is best based on experience yet it is better to guide their children instead of imposing arbitrary decision. Unless they asked u to.

Trust. Ever wonder why father knows last, because your child don't trust U. Right in the face. When parents deemed their children with prejudice, they plucked one petal of trust from their children. When parents unwrapped and read their children's letters before they did, parents plucked another petal of trust. When parents read their children's diary, they plucked another. In the end the flower of trust are gone and your children go to a total stranger.

If parents follow closely what have been suggested if god permits nothing will goes wrong. Remember what you give is what u get. Don't blame the education system, their friends and the internet if anything goes wrong with your children because everything started with u, parents.


Poyaty said...

berpindah-pindah blog. almost lost track. :(

una berry said...

Like this.
I wish my dad could read this.

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