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Sunday, September 30, 2012

5 reasons you're still single

5 reasons you're still single

Why you’re single 1: You have an unrealistic checklist

If your list of favourable traits is more than a couple of points long, it might be time to start editing it. A tall, dark, handsome man who loves washing up and never forgets an anniversary? A lady with blonde hair and blue eyes who loves watching football games and cooking dinner every evening? Good luck with that. If you don’t want a smoker or someone with children, that’s fine – decide on these absolute non-negotiables, but then overlook the ‘not-too-sure-about-this-but-could-probably-live-with-it’ points. When searching for your idea of a perfect partner, there’s a good chance that you’re bypassing many wonderful potential partners who probably have special qualities that you’d never even thought of adding to your list before.

Why you’re single 2: You reveal too much, too soon

Of course dates are all about sharing information about yourself and getting to know each other, but when you feel the need to share all about your last breakup, the medication you’re taking and your family troubles, it’s probably going to put this potential new partner off.  While you’re hoping that your date is thinking “wow, he/she is really interesting” they’re more likely to be thinking something along the lines of “is this really something I’d like to be involved with?” While it’s good to reveal enough information to keep your date interested, it’s really not a good idea to reveal a year’s worth of information in just one night.

Why you’re single 3: You’re too clingy

If you’ve known each other for five  minutes yet you suddenly start calling her throughout the day to see what she’s up to or you drop by his guys’ night in because you wanted to check up on him, you’re heading for a dating disaster. If this is you then please do forgive us if we sound harsh, but you need to get a life. Your potential gentleman or lady friend will find it attractive if you have a life of your own. Having your own hobbies and interests shows that you’re an interesting, well-rounded person and gives you plenty to talk about when you are together. It’s scary for your other half to feel as though they are your whole world. One foot out of place and your whole world comes crashing down? Ouch – that’s a lot of pressure.

Why you’re single 4: You fall for the wrong type

Whether it’s a lady with three children and a law degree or a short gentleman with a passion for the great outdoors who loves animals, most of us have a ‘type’ of person that we tend to be attracted to. If you’ve had a few failed relationships though, it might be time to start rethinking your ‘type’. Do you always fall for the type who likes to ‘play the field’? Or the type who works so hard that you never see them? If this is the case and it’s never worked out, it might be time to re-evaluate what you’d like in a partner. The mistake that many people make is sticking to one specific ‘type’ and watching the relationship fail time and time again. Psychotherapist Jill Murray highlights that many failed relationships happen because we believe that we can take this person under our wing and eventually change or ‘tame’ them. If you feel like you need to change them, they’re probably not your type after all.

Why you’re single 5: Your negativity reflects on the outside

It doesn’t matter how nice you feel in your new clothes or how confident you are with your new haircut, if you’re feeling negative, it’s going to show on the outside. If you’ve been on a string of unsuccessful dates, there’s a good chance you’ll not have the most positive vibes about this one either. Just because your best friend’s girlfriend cheated on him or your parent’s relationship broke up when you were young, this does not mean that the dating scene is the devil’s playground. While you may still need to kiss a few more frogs before you find your prince or princess, if you end up coming across the partner of your dreams but you feel grumpy thoughout the date, it’s likely that you’ll end up giving off a bad impression. Approach your date with an open mind and you quadruple your chances of it being successful! ~realbuzz

Monday, September 24, 2012

Made only in Malaysia

Hampir setahun rupanya aku tak post apa-apa kat blog ni.Bukan apa cuma malas je hahaha. Ada yang rindu ke hehe, siapa ynag rindu angkat tangan hahaha.

Aku bangga menjadi rakyat Malaysia yang gagah, gemilang dan terbilang tapi aku tak bangga guna product dan services buatan  kompeni Malaysia. Mesti yang akan kata aku tidak patriotik, tapi takde makna patriotik kalau pengguna asyik ke tipu & cekik.

Service yang aku bengang sekarang ialah internet. Kadang aku pelik jugak, loni zaman broadband ke, atau zaman beruk band. Kalau zaman broadband takdenya internet tu sangkut-sangkut & kadang-kadang tak boleh connect langsung. Bila buat report macam-macam alasan yang diberi, last-last pengguna jugak yang kena balik.Dah macam anjing menyalak bukit, takde apa-apa kesan. Bila part bayar nak cepat tapi servis hampeh. 

Aku rasa dalam Malaysia ni perjanjian antara pengguna dan kompeni memang berat sebelah serupa cerita Tan Sri P.Ramlee, 3 Abdul. Dialog dalam cerita tu,"Dalam perjanjian ini, apabila anakanda marah, anakanda kan di jual dan semua harta ayahanda rampas",  "Dan kalau ayahanda marah?", "Kalau ayahanda marah takde apa-apa hehe..". Situasi Malysia sekarang "Kena bayar, kalau tak nak bayar kami potong", "Tak nak bayar, servis macam hampeh", "Kalau tak nak bayar nanti jumpa kat mahkamah, hang tak baca ke, yang bintang kecik tu, dengan kanta baru nampak", "Siot @#$%&*". So itulah dalam Malaysia, kalau kat luar negara confirm dah kena saman, serupa kes airasia kena saman kat Australia sebab iklan meragukan. Kat Malaysia mana ada, kena tipu 24 jam. Sini korporat (keparat) first, baru pengguna kemudian.

Kalau part product atau barangan part otomobil paling best nak cerita hehe. Aku nasib baik la guna kereta buatan Malaysia tapi enjin jepun. Walapun dah 3 tahun guna, tak banyak masalah kecuali bahagian-bahgian kecil je yang tercabut. Kawan aku yang guna kereta buatan Malayisa yang satu lagi tu kurang bernasib baik.
Ada saja yang rosak, power window la, enjin la, macam-macam ada.  "Sebab harga keta mahal la aku pakai keta @#$% ni..." kata kawan aku tu. Aku tak nak cite lebih-lebiih part otomobil ni, nanti ada yang sedih time nak beli keta hehe. Jadi aku akhirkan post aku di sini, takut nanti ada yang bising hahaha.

*sorry takde gambr, internet slow, nak loading gambar pun lambat

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Let all Malaysians celebrate Merdeka as one my arse, updated

Today is hari Malaysia,

Where is Malaysia going after this upcoming GE? Everybody is praying for a better Malaysia, some with action and some just enough with prayer and hope, including me.

Here is my POV,

One of our leader, (considered our leader also since his Malaysian constituency choose him), recently call highly for all Malaysians to celebrate merdeka as one (not really recent, since im not too much into politic this might be so 31 aug ago to any political enthusiast), but sadly he and his camp are doing exactly the opposite. Since action speak louder than word, the mindful oversees the mighty speech to actions resulted from it.

For the first time in history we have two seperate merdeka logo and merdeka slogan. Apparently, for the past 55 years the opposition already exist and active and we have been celebrating merdeka as one before this. Back then, there is politic and there is everything else. We opt to differ when it comes to the matter of politic never before we drag everything else to be politicize.

Instead of urging and constructively criticizing the current government to change the logo and slogan because it's seen and sound stupid, in fact it is. Surprisingly, the opposition goes to make a new logo and and make another three different kind of slogan! and call malaysians to celebrate merdeka as one? very mindful our leader is, isn't it?!

Before that, they propose and succeed for a separate Independence day celebration for Sabah and Sarawak, god knows for what reason. Even not all the 50 states of the united states join the US before the 4th of July yet they all have no problem celebrating Independence day as one on 4th of July. Have you no suspicion to this kind of party that constantly promoting division behind cheap talks of unity?

And now theyre proposing for a separate election, i dont know what would we achive by doing so except waste of time and the rakyats money. Who is willing to go to the ballot center twice? On a different day? Those who live and work in different state of his constituency, would they travel twice? What if they live in sabah and has to cast vote in semenanjung? Will their employer give way?

Post 2008 was the worst year for Malaysia as if it was in the brink of destruction and social breakdown, politic is religion!, everything from national affairs to which car assemblymen should drive was politicize. I remember that year after GE, the dispute on assemblymen official car was going on for months! Imagine how much time that should be put to improve the rakyat's wellbeing were wasted figthing over assemblymen official cars!

I'm not from any camp just speaking my mind off, a friend said to me, if you are from a camp and you talk sense, even the most sensible will be rejected because of different camp factor. So here's my two cents of thought from camp nobody, and let us all sleep on it and rethink about what nonesense is going on right now.

Selamat Hari Malaysia and lets keep malaysian and Malaysia United.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sharing is caring

A few years ago I was a substituted teacher,

One day, I have three classes half an hour after recess, just a few minutes after all the student entered the room, the room was filled with strong unpleasant smell, as if somebody is frying shit there, literally.

So I asked,

"Do you took your bath before coming to school?"

One of them answered,

"Yes we did but if you smell shit it's coming from this guy, even the teacher before you have complained" pointing at .....

In defense, the kid answered,

"I took a dump at recess," said him smiling.

"Clearly U didn't washed it properly", said I.

As the T&L is going on, the smell becomes more intense to an extend it was unbearable anymore, so I ask him to go and wash again,

"Use more water and take your time this time, please"

20 minutes later he came back, but the smell didn't go away completely, it was not as strong as before but is still there, sizzling. clearly his pants had been contaminated, I thought.

A few more minutes past by,

The T&L was halfway, The smell is bugging me, the sensory of adaptation theory doesn't work. Sensory adaptation is a phenomenon in which sensory neurons become less sensitive to a constant stimulus.

So I thought to myself, I shouldn't be cheap I should share my finding (the sensory of adaptation doesn't work) with everyone.

So I asked that pupil to go around reciting the multiplication table to every teacher in the school, starting with the class next door.

I didn't know that he managed or not to get everybody because just after two teachers he was banished again to the toilet... and again.. and again, and the just now quiet school suddenly buzzing everywhere.

Hey don't u judge me, sharing is caring U know.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Time Travel in the Quran?

The cave of Ashabul Kahfi

Time travel is the concept of moving between different points in time. Time travel could hypothetically involve moving backward in time to a moment earlier than the starting point, or forward to the future of that point without the need for the traveler to experience the intervening period (at least not at the normal rate). Any technological device – whether fictional or hypothetical – that would be used to achieve time travel is commonly known as a time machine.

There are no record in the holy Quran or tradition of the prophet (pbuh) of time travel back in time. However there is a tiding in the holy Quran of traveling forward to the future.

Allah told the prophet (pbuh) in surah al kahfi 9-26 about a group of young men in an effort of preserving their monotheism  and a dog that took refugee in a cave from a tyrant infidel king (also acknowledge by the Jews and Christian). The asbab un Nuzul (occasion of revelation) of the ayah is when a group of Jews ask the prophet (pbuh) about the story of the people of the cave known to them not the Arab to prove His (pbuh) prophethood, and Allah revealed to the prophet (pbuh) the story in surah Al Kahfi.

Ashabul Kahfi were put to sleep by the Almighty for 309 lunar years and then revived, they miraculously thought that they've been sleeping for only a night, surely their body didn't grow old, if yes they might have noticed it, fitting the time travel definition put up by wikipedia, without the need for the traveler to experience the intervening period (at least not at the normal rate).

National geographic documentary on coffee once quoted, Islam give us science, mathematics and coffee. So far many scientific study has proven the prophecy of the Quran on science. The Quran tells the possibility and man took it to the lab and prove it. In surah Al kahfi is the holy Quran telling us that time travel is possible?

I read about time machine, a device or contraption built to enable time travel, thus far nobody found any carcass of any machine of some sort in, under (buried) or any where near the kahfi's cave in Amman... yet?

Then I read about worm hole or time portal, is it possible the kahfi's cave in Amman is a portal or a hole of time itself? I don't know if there has been any study conducted yet.

If both the time machine and time portal exist they would probably go forth and back, but the people of the cave (ashabul kahfi) never come back to their time instead they died after discovering what is going on.

An then I read about cryonics, the preservation of dead body under low temperature so that the body will not decompose  and to be revived later in the future. The only drawback in this theory is the body already dead, whilst in the al kahfi story, they are not, they're still alive and are put to deep sleep.

However all three of the above are just theories until i read about hibernation and aestivation which is proven and ongoing, practices by some animal to survive an unfavorable condition. This is done by literally sleep away a duration of time, days, weeks, sometime months and then woke up in the future to continue living.

Is it possible that the ashabul kahfi is experiencing some sort of hibernation for 300 years? Mukjizah is only for the prophet and Karamah is for the chosen people, for the laymen is always cause and effect, therefor it's sure worth inspecting the cave.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Word Verification Problem, Cannot Comment

I have problem with blogger word verification for the last couple of weeks which resulted in me cannot comment on any post with word verification option on.

Every time I entered the word it will come out wrong, even how careful and certain I am. A new set of word then come out and asking me to fill out again. I tried three times then quit.

At first I thought it will stop after one day but obviously it didn't and persist until this very moment. I'm trying to comment on Jo's new blog, yeah people Jo's has emerge as someone else.

Is anybody out there experiencing the same, please help.
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