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Saturday, October 27, 2012

My first and ex boss is presently the Seremban PKR deputy chief

I was scouring the internet just now when I bump onto his blog, It is miraculous how things turned out to be, actually I'm planning something big by the end of this year and am thinking of letting them know, unfortunately he disabled his comment box, so I can't get to him.

But if U do come across this post, please do visit my fb page (its my name) for a very important message.

The year was mid 2005 to mid 2007, I landed in Seremban after six months of unemployment eating bugs and out of no where being offered a course in entrepreneurship, with a peanut allowance and accommodation, I grab it and went there.

After three months of in classroom training  finally they sent us for internship program with some company around Seremban. Where me and my girl friend (girl who is my friend) after a tough and competitive interview succeeded in a company specializing in human resource.

After three months we were hired as full time employees there.

It was a one and a half year journey as a new man, an employee, as an independent human being living under one's own expenses and under one's own supervision, previously I was a student 'sponsored' by PTPTN and living inside the campus under the University rules and regulations.

Back to my ex boss,

He did mention once in a while that he was among the pioneer of PKR, but at that time politic was out of my league, the only thing that interest me was to secure a secured job, if U know what I'm saying.

He's a perfectionist, overall I learnt a lot from him obviously in leadership, where he kept reiterating,

"Leadership has nothing to do with age, look at me I'm younger but I lead this company and those who is older has to answer to me", in a positive manner of course.

"When dealing with government personal, convey your message firmly with a smile, if you are not firm enough they'll eat u alive"

"Leadership is not the ability to manipulate others, but when u made clear your standpoint and cling on to it firmly" 

"A good leader must take the opportunity to scold his subordinate when they make mistake so that they knew whose the boss... and cover their own"

For one a half years surely there were issues, but I already forget it when I left the company in mid 2007, as a saying goes, "even the tongue got bitten once in a while".

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An Ustaz who has 11 wives

Wives gang up against ‘ustaz’

HE is only 30 but the smooth talker, portraying himself as a pious and intelligent “ustaz”, has been married 11 times.

He is also good at forging documents to dupe authorities into believing he is either single or divorced.

His current and former wives, however, have got wise to his game and have rallied under a common Facebook account to gather more evidence to drag him to court, Metro Ahad said in a front-page report.

Twenty-four-year-old Naimah Ismail (not her real name) said she was married to the man for just four days before he walked out on her.

She is now seeking a fasakh (annulment of a marriage on valid grounds, such as negligence) from the man.

“I cannot say more as this case will be mentioned in court soon. I hope he can come to the syariah court to settle this,” she said, unsure if she was wife number 10 or 11.

Naemah said she came to know about the man's polygamous nature when a woman, claiming to share her husband, told her he has six other wives not counting at least four others he had divorced.

A woman, who gave her name only as Rajana, said she found out her husband had more than four wives through the social website that was opened by the other disgruntled wives.

“We will be lodging a police report against him so that the authorities can investigate how he could have seven wives at one time and be married 11 times,” said Rajana. ~the Star

Friday, October 19, 2012

Malaysian Afford 300% Duty's Car

Presently, I live in a terrace house in a housing area or taman perumahan. Each house is provided with a limited parking space that can sit two cars at a time. However there are no one house in that residential with only one car, including my house. Apparently, 90% of the resident there at least have two cars and 60% have more.

Problem occurred at 5 pm everyday, during weekends and gatherings, people park everywhere sometimes to an extend of property invasion, dreadfully, those with one too many car park in front of your house, and at their mercy gave U a skimpy space in front of your own property enough for U to ooze out and in, barely. If this happens once in a while, like at gathering or wedding ceremony, it is understandable, but what if it happens every weekends hell everyday? One can go mad and sometimes might loose it.

A few months ago, a political party in an effort to lure voters had made a promise to slash down car duties that will resulted in car price going down extremely, notably 50% cheaper, that is a whooping cut down, which made many has started eyeing on European cars.

Unfortunately, the way I see it and presented to you just now, people in Malaysia doesn't need cheap car. If one house equal one family has more than two cars at a time, it shows that people in Malaysia afford  cars with 300% duties.

So car price is not really an issue, the main issue regarding car price is what they do with that 300% duty? All duties is considered nation's income that suppose to be channeled to improve the rakyat's well being. If U asked me I would like to see more bike and bicycle lane install in major city and more subsidies to public transport, wheel of the poor. More subsidies put into gas will only benefit the rich with a warehouse of cars, collectible, so think about it before everybody goes amok every time the price of gas hiked.

No 2, the real issue is-rakyat Malaysia doesn't really need cheap car but they're in dire need of affordable house, isn't it obvious? One house too many cars? Its that elephant in the room. Property price all over Malaysia has gone through the roof, in Sandakan alone a single storey terrace with two bedrooms or a third floor apartment is worth not less than RM199, 000, a compact double storey cost u an arm and a leg of more than RM200,000 and let us not mention about semi D and the above or U might get a heart attack.

The call for the government to step in has sadly been ignored so far. Recent budget, RM1.9bil allocated to build 123, 000 affordable housing units is a mere planning, we don't know yet after the government of the day get reelected they will walk the talk, taken into example the Kota Belud road project worth purportedly  RM70mil has yet to be completed.

Even so there is no guaranteed silver lining in the new government either, look at Penang, even after government change the poor still been left out, every available land on the rock were sold to developers and the poor living there for generations had been rapidly cast away. The developer then will build luxury houses affordable only to the big towkay, sadly.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Circusly Election, an UPSI Dilemma

A friend of mine graduated from UPSI a few months ago, she did her diploma there.

Sadly UPSI doesn't work like UiTM where its diploma holder with qualified CGPA may be admitted automatically into their degree program.

UPSI doesn't give that pleasure to their own product regardless CGPA like anyone else.

Instead, their diploma holder is alienated and been treated like a non UPSian. UPSI made them go through the same process of application as STPM or non UPSI's diploma holder, that is to take Medsi for the second time and go through interviewing process again altogether, which student will likely be ousted at the interview phase.

Recently, campus elections had just ended.

There are two factions battling each other in every campus in Malaysia, namely the pro M and the pro A.

The pro M was reported as the left foot of the opposition inside every campus, while the pro A some say is the government of the day supporter, while other says, it is the true students voices.

Sadly, we may question the purpose of this election, I mean what's the point?

Fighting for more parking space? Lift ban on you tube? fish U, those are determine by the University authorities whether U like it or not


Campaigning for political parties? Round up students for illegal rallies? also fish U!

They are two major problems facing UPSI's graduate, that is not who will govern next year or the need for a cleaner elections,


posting uncertainty for the degree holder and underprivileged to further degree for the diploma holder.

How long has these mess been going on and how further it will go? When a group of student made it into TV3 and only then the matter been taken seriously and soon solved. If not, then nobody cares, ever.

Does these so called elected representative busily fighting for U student

or busily joining rallies with Adam Adli campaigning for the political parties?

In the end, may be U student should get all together and show your asses on your elected representative photo if this problem persist.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Aku seorang yang racist. Aku bukan racist kepada Cina, India atau bangsa-bangsa lain tetapi aku racist kepada pendatang tanpa izin/haram yang menyemak kat dalam Malaysia ini.

Hari aku berasa sangat marah bila membaca surat khabar mengnai kisah seorang perempuan dirogol oleh 10 orang lelaki dan menjadi  bertambah marah bila yang melakukanya adalah pendatang haram/halal myanmar.

Aku teringat semasa belajr dan tinggal dia Kuala Lumpur dahulu. KLCC, Masjid Jamek, Pasar Seni dan Selayang memang dah jadi sarang pendatang-pendatang haram/halal terutama pada hujung minggu. Ada sekali aku sampai di Greenwood pada awal pagi dan menanti bas untuk balik ke kampus. Pada masa itu hanya aku seorang rakyat Malaysia, yang lainnya semua indonesia. Mereka semua bercakap dalam bahasa mereka yang aku langsung tak faham, masa tu aku terfikir "betul ke aku duduk Malaysia ?". Pada masa itu kawasan Gombak memang syurga pedatang haram terutama kawasan Kampung Sungai Pusu, Kampung Sungai Cincin dan sekitar-sekitar kawasan berbukit di kawsan situ. Aku pernah menemui saluran paip haram di hutan kawasan bukit tabuh (bukit yang di belakangnnya empangan klang gate) semasa mengikuti aktiviti mendaki di situ.

 Bagi aku pendatang haram/halal mudah membuat jenayah kerana majoriti yang datang ke Malaysia semuanya not educated or poorly educated atau bahasa orang kampung aku "bodoh/bangang". Bila dah bodoh mereka buat sesuka hati tanpa berfikir ( nak fikir apa dah bodoh) akibat perbuatan mereka. Pendatang haram lagi mudah nak buat jenanyah sebab mereka masuk secara haram, memang tiada rekod.

Pendatang-pendatang haram ni juga bukan setakat bawa masalah jenanyah tapi bawa penyakit. Mereka yang jadi pendatang haram/halal kat Malaysia majoritinya datang dari negara miskin seperti bangladesh. Jadi penjagaan kesihatan mereka tidak sebagus negara kita. Hampir semua pendatang-pendatang ini tak dapat suntikan imunisasi dari negara mereka. Jadi secara automatiknya mereka ni pembawa penyakit, yang kena kita rakyat Malaysia. Aku pernah sekali ketika naik bas dari JB ke KL. Kat seat belakang aku ada seorang indon yang asyik batuk (batuk dia bunyi lain macam) dari JB ke KL. Kalau lah indon tu ada penyakit TB, confirm semua orang dalam bas kena termasuk aku.

Bercakap pasal aku tak suka pendatang pernah sekali ada orang menyampuk "Kalau takde pendatang-pendatang ni, sapa yang nak keja kilang dan estet?". Bagus juga soalan orang tu haha. Pada pandangan aku yang tak berapa cerdik ni hehehe, masa tahun 80-an dan 90-an dahulu, semasa perindustrian di Malaysia sedang 'Meletup' dengan pesatnya, yang keja kilang masa tu semua orang Malaysia tak kira Melayu, Cina dan India. Istilah Mat Kilang dan Minah Karan memang merujuk kepada orang Malaysia yang kerja di kilang-kilnag pada waktu itu. Dulu jarang orang takde keja especially lepas SPM sebab keja kat kilang banyak. Pada hujung 90-an semua ni berubah bila pendatang diangkut beramai-ramai untuk berkeja di kilang -kilang di Malaysia. Puncanya, BOLEH BAYAR GAJI MURAH.

Apabila korporat menjadi keparat, mementingkan keuntungan semata-mata inilah akibatnya. Paling teruk "gomen pun sokong geng-geng depa ni pasai apa" kata salah seorang kawan aku. Pendatang dari nepal, bangladesh, indonesia dan lain-lain beri gaji bawah RM500 mereka akan kerja sebab bagi mereka bila di tukar kepada wang mereka akan menjadi banyak, beribu-ribu rupiah kalau di tukar di indonesia. Kalau orang Malaysia gaji RM500 mereka nak makan apa, kena pula yang dah berkahwin. Satu lagi pendatang-pendatang ni walaupun gaji sikit tapi mereka boleh buat part time dengan merompak dan pecah rumah orang. Aku teringat ketika seorang kwan aku yang berkerja dengan agensi membawa masuk pendatang halal ini dulu (sekarang dia dah insaf dan jadi cikgu haha), dia pernah membawa aku ke sebuah rumah yang di sewa oleh syarikatnya untuk pendatang-pendatang halal dari nepal. Rumah tersebut  di huni seramai lebih 30 orang dan pendatang nepal tersebut menggunakan basikal untuk ke kilang tempat mereka berkerja.

Bagi aku masalah jenayah dan kebanjiran pendatang-pendatang haram/halal ni berpunca dari sikap rakus korporat dan gomen pula yang menyokong mereka secara langsung dan tidak langsung. Di negara-negara maju seperti Jepun, pekerja buruh mereka majoriti orang tempatan. Mereka mementingkan peluang pekerjaan kepada penduduk mereka sendiri. Masalah di Malaysia pula disebabkan gaji tidak setimpal atau kena dengan keadaan semasa. Harga barang melambung tinggi tapi gaji masih lagi serupa pada zaman 70-an dan tak naik-naik. Bagi aku tak payah sibuk-sibuk cerita pasal negara maju dan negara pendapatang tinggi selagi ramai lagi orang Malaysia yang gaji mereka bawah RM500. Betul kita negara maju tp maju jika di bandingkan dengan negara seperti Bangladesh, Anggola, Sudan, Tanzania, Laos, Cambodia, Chad, Papua New Guinea, Eritrea, Somalia, Luanda, Mali......................................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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