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Saturday, October 27, 2012

My first and ex boss is presently the Seremban PKR deputy chief

I was scouring the internet just now when I bump onto his blog, It is miraculous how things turned out to be, actually I'm planning something big by the end of this year and am thinking of letting them know, unfortunately he disabled his comment box, so I can't get to him.

But if U do come across this post, please do visit my fb page (its my name) for a very important message.

The year was mid 2005 to mid 2007, I landed in Seremban after six months of unemployment eating bugs and out of no where being offered a course in entrepreneurship, with a peanut allowance and accommodation, I grab it and went there.

After three months of in classroom training  finally they sent us for internship program with some company around Seremban. Where me and my girl friend (girl who is my friend) after a tough and competitive interview succeeded in a company specializing in human resource.

After three months we were hired as full time employees there.

It was a one and a half year journey as a new man, an employee, as an independent human being living under one's own expenses and under one's own supervision, previously I was a student 'sponsored' by PTPTN and living inside the campus under the University rules and regulations.

Back to my ex boss,

He did mention once in a while that he was among the pioneer of PKR, but at that time politic was out of my league, the only thing that interest me was to secure a secured job, if U know what I'm saying.

He's a perfectionist, overall I learnt a lot from him obviously in leadership, where he kept reiterating,

"Leadership has nothing to do with age, look at me I'm younger but I lead this company and those who is older has to answer to me", in a positive manner of course.

"When dealing with government personal, convey your message firmly with a smile, if you are not firm enough they'll eat u alive"

"Leadership is not the ability to manipulate others, but when u made clear your standpoint and cling on to it firmly" 

"A good leader must take the opportunity to scold his subordinate when they make mistake so that they knew whose the boss... and cover their own"

For one a half years surely there were issues, but I already forget it when I left the company in mid 2007, as a saying goes, "even the tongue got bitten once in a while".


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