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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Circusly Election, an UPSI Dilemma

A friend of mine graduated from UPSI a few months ago, she did her diploma there.

Sadly UPSI doesn't work like UiTM where its diploma holder with qualified CGPA may be admitted automatically into their degree program.

UPSI doesn't give that pleasure to their own product regardless CGPA like anyone else.

Instead, their diploma holder is alienated and been treated like a non UPSian. UPSI made them go through the same process of application as STPM or non UPSI's diploma holder, that is to take Medsi for the second time and go through interviewing process again altogether, which student will likely be ousted at the interview phase.

Recently, campus elections had just ended.

There are two factions battling each other in every campus in Malaysia, namely the pro M and the pro A.

The pro M was reported as the left foot of the opposition inside every campus, while the pro A some say is the government of the day supporter, while other says, it is the true students voices.

Sadly, we may question the purpose of this election, I mean what's the point?

Fighting for more parking space? Lift ban on you tube? fish U, those are determine by the University authorities whether U like it or not


Campaigning for political parties? Round up students for illegal rallies? also fish U!

They are two major problems facing UPSI's graduate, that is not who will govern next year or the need for a cleaner elections,


posting uncertainty for the degree holder and underprivileged to further degree for the diploma holder.

How long has these mess been going on and how further it will go? When a group of student made it into TV3 and only then the matter been taken seriously and soon solved. If not, then nobody cares, ever.

Does these so called elected representative busily fighting for U student

or busily joining rallies with Adam Adli campaigning for the political parties?

In the end, may be U student should get all together and show your asses on your elected representative photo if this problem persist.


Troll said...

Everything about campus election is fishy.

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