Why do we look for water on Mars?

"And we have created from WATER every living thing. Will they not then believe?", Q 21:30


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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hantu? Syaitan? Jin?

Dari kecil lagi kita dimomokan dengan dengan cerita mengenai hantu, syaitan dan jin ini. Di Barat mereka bersungguh-sungguh untuk membuktikan kewujudan makhluk-makhluk ini tetapi di negara kita dah macam perkara biasa.

Bayangkan di Malaysia, ada bermacam-macam hantu, hantu jepun, pochong, tinggi, lampu, puntianak, toyol dan banyak lagi tetapi di barat hanya ada hantu (ghost) dan semangat jahat (evil spirit) sahaja yang biasa kita dengar.

Persoalan yang ingin saya ketengahkan adalah apa yang makhluk-makhluk ini boleh buat terhadap kita. Kalau ikut filem, makhluk-makhluka ini dapat menyentuh dan mencekik manusia, tetapi adakah itu realitinya.

Pengalaman ketika tinggal di kuaters kediaman di Johor, setakat ketukan di pintu, TV dan lampu di dalam bilik terpadam dengan sendirinya (saya tinggal sendirian di bilik tersebut) adalah perkara yang pernag dialami.

Kalau ada apa-apa yang hendak dikongsi boleh la komen.Sila lihat gambar dibawah. Gambar tersebut diambil pada waktu pagi lebih kurang pukul 10 pagi di kubur lama di kampung Teluk Ramunia, Johor.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Last week i end up chatting with a girl who's unsatisfied with her look. Lets cut the crap, i mean she's fat, overweight.

She keeps on whining this and that, she doesn't eat much but she's still overweight, her brother and sister eat more than her but they doesn't go overweight, they give her all their fats, she has few friends because shes overweight, people make fun of her because she's overweight, she's still single at the end of her 20's because she's overweight she complains.

First of all, whining doesn't burn fat, if it does give me a call. Stop whining and start doing something. Everything except ALLAH has a beginning. U must begin somewhere sometimes to get result if not u'll keep whining the rest of ur life.

It all start with a dream but keep on dreaming doesn't take u anywhere unless u start some where. Here's what U do, go to any supermarket, buy a running shoes and a jump rope or skipping rope, too shy to buy then ask a friend to buy it for u and u pay her later or before. It will cost u RM100 or less for the shoes and less than RM30 for the jump rope. The best thing about rope skipping is u can do it indoor, no one will know u r exercising if it is such a big embarrassment.

How to skip, u don't have to climb mountain and go into the jungle and find a meditating man in a cave to learn it, it's just one click away in the internet, go here for the tips. Not enough? then go here for the video.

The rest is u need patience. Expect that u r going to trip a lot at the beginning, so start slow and small. Go for three clear jumps, stop, another three, stop, another three, stop, get five rounds of three clear jump then stop and appreciate. Never look into the mirror after each exercise because this is not mee maggi thats cooked in two minutes. It will take time to take effect, say six months to one year of non stop 20 min per day plus eating correctly.

Good luck.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Aerophobia, fear of flying. It happened every time to me even though it had been nine times I've flown. I dunno how to describe this but every time i step inside the plane it just remind me of death, whoa. Even that I realized death for me is already written and its not necessarily that i will die flying. When the plane start lifting from the ground i felt like all the juice from my knee been sucked out leaving my knee cap exhausted. All my past life flashes before my eyes, it had never been easy, i hated it, I just be brave.

The good thing is, flying take me near to godliness, i felt sorry for my wrong doing all those wasted years while life is so short, borrowed to me. Owh how merciful god is to give me all the chances while me, i, been ungrateful, wasted all those times, precious yet I didn't realize, no i do but i do not care, carried away by this worldly matters, absent minded. How stupid I'm. O The Almerciful i'm so grateful that u give me this experience so that i'll always return to u.

Its a divine symptom.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


How long does it take for u to realize that u r born to be alone? Single? No companion? It is hard for some of us to accept but it is what it is, written in the book of life with ur name on the cover. Its a fact, bitter, but bitter often becomes medicine, good medicine.

But hey, look at the bright side of it. Single mean freedom. Don't have to share, don't have to answer to anybody, do what ever u want, go crazy. Look back at history how many people died dedicated to freedom, so others may live, who dares win, Rela Abang Mati Dulu etc etc.

Yet there is the other side which is we the chosen people shouldn't look at. Why bother when u already accept the fact that u r not destined to meet somebody, to live by urself, to swallow everything by urself.

U r born alone, u'll be alone, enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I need to get this chattering monkey out of my head. There have been a disturbance in the force at work today. The air filled with tense. Tense all around, tense there, tense here, tense everywhere and there is no dog to give the bone to. Smiles are rare, hellos are rare, the siege heil hands are rare. Was it the effect of the dreaded monday blues?

Its agitating to see straight faces, eye brows together, wrinkle all around, it just remind me of Geroge Bush. U know the warlord who wants oil but don't want to buy it, so he sent his army to get it and create chains of terrorism in Iraq and the world till today.

Monday blues take effect when u fail to manage your work, clear your table, prepare for next monday on friday. The cure to monday blues is actually the friday. You manage friday, you'll win on monday, you'll loose friday then you're fcuked on monday.

i just can't work in this grim cold environment. The aura that u generate affect others, if everybody produce negative energy and the air will filled with it and force other to suck it and generate the same charges for others to consume that resulted in the end the whole atmosphere of the day fill with gloomy, depress and tense. Owh I do hope tomorrows will be better.

I need Poyaty. Shell make me laugh.

Monday, July 19, 2010


I had a dream, yes had not have, that disturbed my peaceful sleep just now. In that dream, i was in a room with 5 of my friends two of which i knows, my roommate and classmate back in my uni days. That beautiful room is a corner room with a small room attach to it. It have two windows, one in the main room, and one in that extra room. The view was heavenly magnificent, pure green of grass and mountain.

It is a bedroom, we were sleeping together sharing one bed. I'm sleeping, suddenly the temperature risen (I remeber this one clearly) and awaken me and i start talking to my friend, "we're in Germany" he told me. I never been to German. One of our friend decided to leave he's already outside talking to us through the window. What he talked about as if he's mocking us, that made me question his maturity. What was he's talking about i couldn't recall.

Out of sudden I find myself outside the room in the corridor. It's full with families, gathered in circle of 3-4, chatting to each other, didn,t recognize any, dunno what they're talking about either. I walked passed them to the bathroom. Headed to a tap, there I washed my hands, the water was extremely cold yet refreshing.

Suddenly, a character which met my late grandmother but younger appears (I figured this out when i've already awake since when i saw her, she reminds me of my late grandmother). She take me to another room or preferably a hall because there is no doors separated us from the corridor, she start asking and ordering others to do thing and bring things in a way that shows she's in charge of that place. I was her priority number one, she gave me money and drinks and a seal to my cloth, yes from her ring, the seal is a word not a symbol but i couldn't remember what it said and what it do.

Then I wake up, thinking:

1. Germany? yes there's world cup a week ago.

2. Classmate, roommate? I miss my uni days or I hate those guys.

3. My late grand mother? Owh I was her favorite and she's too, al fatihah.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Suddenly this reptile becomes popular lately due to its demand on the market. People said the Tokek or what come from it can cure various deadly uncured diseases such as the HIV and H1N1. Is it proven scientifically I dont know.

It is said a tokek as big as four adult fingers is worth up to a whooping RM85 000, enough to buy a DMAX or a Honda city.


One small bottle of Budu cap ketereh cost a whooping RM4.29 at Giant Sandakan. As I remembered a bottle usually cost near RM3.00 only.

So much for the low price leader in Malaysia eh.


I had a sleepless night last night. I couldn't sleep. Why? I don't know, I just couldn't. I did tried but I couldn't. What could I do? I just couldn't do anything.

Its helpless U see because u're not in control over your sleep. Is it the ability to fall asleep is a gift?. Is it?

Ahhh I sleep on my sleepless night of not sleeping of wondering that I'm not in power over my sleep.
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