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Friday, July 30, 2010


Last week i end up chatting with a girl who's unsatisfied with her look. Lets cut the crap, i mean she's fat, overweight.

She keeps on whining this and that, she doesn't eat much but she's still overweight, her brother and sister eat more than her but they doesn't go overweight, they give her all their fats, she has few friends because shes overweight, people make fun of her because she's overweight, she's still single at the end of her 20's because she's overweight she complains.

First of all, whining doesn't burn fat, if it does give me a call. Stop whining and start doing something. Everything except ALLAH has a beginning. U must begin somewhere sometimes to get result if not u'll keep whining the rest of ur life.

It all start with a dream but keep on dreaming doesn't take u anywhere unless u start some where. Here's what U do, go to any supermarket, buy a running shoes and a jump rope or skipping rope, too shy to buy then ask a friend to buy it for u and u pay her later or before. It will cost u RM100 or less for the shoes and less than RM30 for the jump rope. The best thing about rope skipping is u can do it indoor, no one will know u r exercising if it is such a big embarrassment.

How to skip, u don't have to climb mountain and go into the jungle and find a meditating man in a cave to learn it, it's just one click away in the internet, go here for the tips. Not enough? then go here for the video.

The rest is u need patience. Expect that u r going to trip a lot at the beginning, so start slow and small. Go for three clear jumps, stop, another three, stop, another three, stop, get five rounds of three clear jump then stop and appreciate. Never look into the mirror after each exercise because this is not mee maggi thats cooked in two minutes. It will take time to take effect, say six months to one year of non stop 20 min per day plus eating correctly.

Good luck.


una berry said...

good tips. I everyday buat lompat bintang. hehe. although I don't lose so much weight n my bulging tummy, I still can maintain my current weight. bolehlah~

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