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Monday, July 19, 2010


I had a dream, yes had not have, that disturbed my peaceful sleep just now. In that dream, i was in a room with 5 of my friends two of which i knows, my roommate and classmate back in my uni days. That beautiful room is a corner room with a small room attach to it. It have two windows, one in the main room, and one in that extra room. The view was heavenly magnificent, pure green of grass and mountain.

It is a bedroom, we were sleeping together sharing one bed. I'm sleeping, suddenly the temperature risen (I remeber this one clearly) and awaken me and i start talking to my friend, "we're in Germany" he told me. I never been to German. One of our friend decided to leave he's already outside talking to us through the window. What he talked about as if he's mocking us, that made me question his maturity. What was he's talking about i couldn't recall.

Out of sudden I find myself outside the room in the corridor. It's full with families, gathered in circle of 3-4, chatting to each other, didn,t recognize any, dunno what they're talking about either. I walked passed them to the bathroom. Headed to a tap, there I washed my hands, the water was extremely cold yet refreshing.

Suddenly, a character which met my late grandmother but younger appears (I figured this out when i've already awake since when i saw her, she reminds me of my late grandmother). She take me to another room or preferably a hall because there is no doors separated us from the corridor, she start asking and ordering others to do thing and bring things in a way that shows she's in charge of that place. I was her priority number one, she gave me money and drinks and a seal to my cloth, yes from her ring, the seal is a word not a symbol but i couldn't remember what it said and what it do.

Then I wake up, thinking:

1. Germany? yes there's world cup a week ago.

2. Classmate, roommate? I miss my uni days or I hate those guys.

3. My late grand mother? Owh I was her favorite and she's too, al fatihah.


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