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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I need to get this chattering monkey out of my head. There have been a disturbance in the force at work today. The air filled with tense. Tense all around, tense there, tense here, tense everywhere and there is no dog to give the bone to. Smiles are rare, hellos are rare, the siege heil hands are rare. Was it the effect of the dreaded monday blues?

Its agitating to see straight faces, eye brows together, wrinkle all around, it just remind me of Geroge Bush. U know the warlord who wants oil but don't want to buy it, so he sent his army to get it and create chains of terrorism in Iraq and the world till today.

Monday blues take effect when u fail to manage your work, clear your table, prepare for next monday on friday. The cure to monday blues is actually the friday. You manage friday, you'll win on monday, you'll loose friday then you're fcuked on monday.

i just can't work in this grim cold environment. The aura that u generate affect others, if everybody produce negative energy and the air will filled with it and force other to suck it and generate the same charges for others to consume that resulted in the end the whole atmosphere of the day fill with gloomy, depress and tense. Owh I do hope tomorrows will be better.

I need Poyaty. Shell make me laugh.


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