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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Banting boat mishap : what were they doing in malingsia?

Banting boat mishap: Two dead, 58 rescued, 37 still missing, says Shahidan

They were believed to be llegal immigrants on their way home to Indonesia. This mishap is not the first nor the last I'm sure.

A few days ago I encountered a few blogs spreading hatred towards Malaysia. Type in MALINGSIA and click search you'll know what I'm saying.

Back to the mishap.

What were they doing in this negara hina malingsia? I'm sure their cultural rich country can provide them with adequate foods and jobs. After all what are we an inferior country compared to the mighty Indonesia. Our GDP/capital say what 1000 USD?

Another thing is why are they constantly sneaking when entering and exiting our negara hina malingsia? Is that how people from a cultural rich country supposed to behave? Sneaking like thieves maling? Why, with millions of rupiah still cannot enter malingsia legally ka hihihi?

Hei malingsia kami bukan bangsa serumpun kamu! Says them. Then don't come here lah. Go and wash filthy toilet or give bathe to pet dog somewhere else.  We can survive without Indonesian coolie, stay at home and eat your rasa sayang eh and tor tor dance lah!

Last but not least, My deepest condolences to the families of the deceased.

To those hatred monger,  I love my country as much as you do to yours, I'm sorry for being emotional and go fcuk yourself.


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