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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Previously, Siti Balqis missing again, she'd SMSed her mother telling her this time the Djin had taken her to Gunung Jerai in Kedah.

Later, the police was able to trace her and found her in Jelebu Negeri Sembilan where she actually took a bus there, huh now Djin drive a bus? /omg

Before this she ends up on a Rambutan tree after she claimed also been kidnapped by Djin to a cave 15 kilos from her home, informed by mean of SMS also, surprisingly hah.

This kinda eerie, just what in the heaven is going on here, who is the real Djin here?

Well, once her relative eye witnessed her levitating an about to fly out of the window? And there are magical stones to be taken into account.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I asked a friend of why she seldom and hesitantly go back to her home town. I was wondering if she's afraid of flying as I am. The answer I got was shocking yet not surprising.

Everywhere she goes people revered her and see her as a good-natured person except at home where she grew up, she claimed. In fact she is, she has no record of addiction, bitching, gambling on the contrary she's a graduate from a line of prominent institutions, well known boarding school to a well recognize higher institution.

Her family judge her with prejudice, every word and action of her's was deemed devious, and when proved wrong they resort to excuse rather than apology, she added.

She said she's happy of her dwelling now where people humanely respect humanity, there are trustworthy, benevolent and virtue not like at home where she grew up.

I replied, that is the difference between Islam and Muslims by name.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Security guard aka Jaga (awake) in Malay.

Malaysia 2011 budget announcement stated that the cost of Jaga will increase, from RM500 to RM700 per month.

But what is the cost if they fall asleep? a whooping RM 2.6 million MYR!

Yesterday, 24 Oct, In Kota Bahru, 12 express buses destroyed by fire when the respective Jaga who supposed to Jaga but fell asleep on the job and failed to notice earlier of the incident.

Jaga cost more when they asleep.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Earlier today I was wandering through cyber space when I came across this question. I found it interesting, don't get me wrong, the problems is serious but the way it goes is a little bit funny. Its about coconut and dowry.

What about the cast system in Hinduism?
I married a man who is from India.

I am constantly being nagged, by his parents, about how I do not come from a good cast and how I did not give them dowry. What on earth is this all about? They did not give my parents any dowry, why should my parents give them anything? I don't get it... Someone please explain....

My parents give my husband and I a Home and two cars plus some money to put in savings account, his parents gave us a coconut..

I do not care what they gave us.... but they, my husbands parents, nag and nag about how bad of a wife I am .....

Is there anything to stop that, other than divorce.... My husband does not want a divorce..I do..

I am an American, and of no cast.

I gather some information about caste system in Hinduism, it's actually something like a social class u are in.

and the Dowry is opposite to what we've been practicing. The bride pays at marriage not the husband.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Earlier today I read about a feng shui master who unfeng shuily lost his left hand from a vicious attack. It happened when he was walking to his car after dinner at some restaurant. He says he didn't see it coming.

/wahaha Muahaha he never saw it coming? He's not a fortune teller but a feng shui master. OK, but isn't feng shui is about attracting good luck?

Historically, feng shui is used to orient buildings in order to receive positive qi to improve life.

O I gedit he didn't park right. /hmm

Monday, October 18, 2010


I read in the news a couple of days ago, of a lustful immoral physical education teacher's favorite pastime, it's like a stake lover who live in a cattle farm.

And today i found out that lock-picking is a hobby somewhere. I don't know since when breaking into someones house is considered a pastime. After this may be stolen goods collecting would emerge as a hobby also, it's called chain reaction.

Hey look at my stolen goods collection. How did it started, I learn lock-picking as a hobby and started getting bored lock-picking my own house and properties, I'm bored pretending to have lost my keys everyday.

So I went further lock-picking the entire neighborhood until one day i stumble upon some goods that interest me.

I took one, and stumble upon another one in another house, i think to my self what the heaven, i took another, and another, and another.

Before i realized it, there's already a load so i decided upon a theme for my stolen goods and here it is, the silver, the electronic, the odds.

At least they got to tell the cop that they're practicing their hobby ya. Well it's better than that of the PE teacher's.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I read a news today. In Terengganu, a teenage girl had been kidnapped by Djins and they took her to a cave 15 km away from her home.

Luckily she brought her handset with her and eventually found the time to sms her mother of her whereabouts.

Her mother then alerted the neighbors and they went looking for her at the pinpoint. Unfortunately the Djin sent her back before the search party reached her.

Due to aviation error may be, she landed on a rambutan tree near her house instead.

News IS entertaining isn't it?.

About handset, a friend of mine rent a house. A few months back his place caught on fire. He escaped unharmed but couldn't save anything including his wallet where the important documents such as IC, ATMs and license are, BUT manage to grab his HANDSET along. Believe that?. Handset and men are inseparable these days aren't they?

Djin however, I do believe in Djin as the tradition of the prophet PBUH and the Holy Quran confirmed its existence and even has a surah named after the Djin.

Monday, October 11, 2010


U got to beware of hypocrites out there. When things got out of their hand they would run and hide behind religion. I knew a person once, snobbish she was, chesty as a peacock, all because she thinks she had it all. She picked on another girl with name calling and all. Always found her self superior over others until one day God turn the tables, she end up worse of the worst. Suddenly we found her praising ALLAH the all-just, obviously trying to shield herself from the humiliation she's got herself in to. Once you're picking on others like there is no God and only now U felt His all-just presence?

So as multi level marketeer. Multi level marketeer don't sells goods yet sells membership and tales. they often associated their products with either health or religion or both. Why it cost more than ordinary tooth paste because our tooth paste it is blessed and enriched with herbs that will make your teeth as white as all that is white, as strong as all that is strong and blessed, a blessed teeth?. See blessed and herb. Our coffee also cost more because we charged for the blessing and the health giving, drink four pack a day and your high blood pressure will go down, your sexual drive will go up. See blessed and health giving. Man, don't sells tales, we will support your business as fellow human and for your determination, nothing more nothing less.

Same goes to courtship. When one's realize it is already late so where to go, yes, religion. One day we find this person preaching of a good husband-ship or wife-ship. With all the tradition and the holy scribes put up front. I don't want to go more on this. /XD

Folks, never falls for opportunist as politician can promise to save a home but never fulfill it, how in hell or israel that they can grant heaven?

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Most of the time we are deceived. we tend to see what others showed us because its easier or what we wish to see, deluding, because truth hurt.

Look at politic. The art of deceiving, how politician manipulate certain incident so that we look the other way or the way they want us to look at so that they can continue ignoring us. Whereas that thing is less important to us.

Focusing on verbal racism on the other hand practicing racism. action speaks louder than words. In parliament, call to take actions against verbal racism, word of racism. While back in Penang fast tracking to dominate and conquer, demolishing what belong to other races, act of racism. Which is worse? /hmm

The problem is stupid love to focus and babble about the smaller particles the politician makes a mountain out of. Meanwhile, while we're intoxicating they are sweeping the largest particles which is more valuable and important under the carpet.

So what's important? Worldly inheritance and possession within reach or heavenly order that is further away? We need to take a few step back to look at the bigger picture than only we can observe. As the wise man say, first things first.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I received a lot of emails encouraging me to be successful and the sender define successful as to make/ have a lot of money.

"people want to be rich but they don't want to lift a finger so don't blame rich people if u are not rich, join us"

"a smart person, makes money in his pajamas... wanna know the secret? join us"

"(making) money is not a problem, if u only knew, join us"

Those are some of the excerpts, I never response to one, though I wonder what is the products, what is the services hence she never mentioned it. Then how? the money materialized from thin air?

So one day i responded, I wrote, "u must be the richest person in Malaysia" and u know what, she's annoyed by me. And started lecturing about Malay dilemma, and continue to successful person in Malaysia, which to her are those rich people. By all means those person have products and services to offer.

I offered her an olive branch and she started to cool down where i myself took the liberty to talk in some background of hers. Astonishingly i found out she's working as a government officer, f-man! I thought by the way she talked as if she's an entrepreneur somewhere! /nobigdeal

Hey man why don't u quit and prove to me u could live on your proud words.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I just got back from a chat with a friend. He just received a new member in his family, a baby boy. He talked about his experience as a dad as a new person with new responsibility. He had evolve many times in his life from a student to a career person to a husband and now to a father. Lucky him.

A successful person always have plan with their life. Normally human will live up to 60 or 70. 20 years to study, 20 years as father, 20 years to reflects, is quite a perfect plan. Good for those whose plan work as planned.

But for some people, their life had been rob from them. Born in the postal age but never had a chance to even unwrap his own letters. Been to college but graduated alone. One day he awake reminiscing to himself of what he should have that had been taken away from him.

Life isn't the same as video game where u can just restart all over again. In real life what u missed or been taken away from u will lost forever. Its not the best to regret over the past or try to catch up with what you've missed but it's better to do what u are supposed to do right now before it is lost again.

So what's your plan for tomorrow, you got 24 hours to spend.
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