Why do we look for water on Mars?

"And we have created from WATER every living thing. Will they not then believe?", Q 21:30


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Monday, October 11, 2010


U got to beware of hypocrites out there. When things got out of their hand they would run and hide behind religion. I knew a person once, snobbish she was, chesty as a peacock, all because she thinks she had it all. She picked on another girl with name calling and all. Always found her self superior over others until one day God turn the tables, she end up worse of the worst. Suddenly we found her praising ALLAH the all-just, obviously trying to shield herself from the humiliation she's got herself in to. Once you're picking on others like there is no God and only now U felt His all-just presence?

So as multi level marketeer. Multi level marketeer don't sells goods yet sells membership and tales. they often associated their products with either health or religion or both. Why it cost more than ordinary tooth paste because our tooth paste it is blessed and enriched with herbs that will make your teeth as white as all that is white, as strong as all that is strong and blessed, a blessed teeth?. See blessed and herb. Our coffee also cost more because we charged for the blessing and the health giving, drink four pack a day and your high blood pressure will go down, your sexual drive will go up. See blessed and health giving. Man, don't sells tales, we will support your business as fellow human and for your determination, nothing more nothing less.

Same goes to courtship. When one's realize it is already late so where to go, yes, religion. One day we find this person preaching of a good husband-ship or wife-ship. With all the tradition and the holy scribes put up front. I don't want to go more on this. /XD

Folks, never falls for opportunist as politician can promise to save a home but never fulfill it, how in hell or israel that they can grant heaven?


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