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Sunday, October 3, 2010


I just got back from a chat with a friend. He just received a new member in his family, a baby boy. He talked about his experience as a dad as a new person with new responsibility. He had evolve many times in his life from a student to a career person to a husband and now to a father. Lucky him.

A successful person always have plan with their life. Normally human will live up to 60 or 70. 20 years to study, 20 years as father, 20 years to reflects, is quite a perfect plan. Good for those whose plan work as planned.

But for some people, their life had been rob from them. Born in the postal age but never had a chance to even unwrap his own letters. Been to college but graduated alone. One day he awake reminiscing to himself of what he should have that had been taken away from him.

Life isn't the same as video game where u can just restart all over again. In real life what u missed or been taken away from u will lost forever. Its not the best to regret over the past or try to catch up with what you've missed but it's better to do what u are supposed to do right now before it is lost again.

So what's your plan for tomorrow, you got 24 hours to spend.


Poyaty said...

i love this entry. mcm menyentuh kalbu lah. bout life. yeah it's seems unpredictable

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