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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The shrinking component

Monday, February 4, 2013

Out of oil, out of luck

I went to town yesterday. Traffic was heavy as usual. As the traffic inches up little by little, I thought to myself, with this kinda traffic how can the ineffective opposition would even think to put more cars on the road.

Lowering car and fuel prices at the same time are catastrophic. Even now with 300% duty's car and high petrol price there are more cars than motorcycle to be seen on the road everyday.

I think, the only car that should be slashed down its price is the hybrid. Hybrid car should be put more on the road due to the fact that it doesn't runs on oil completely and thus oil production is declining rapidly day by day, some predicted that by 2040 we will be out of oil completely!

Our society is oil based, We depend on fossil fuels to run our vehicles, power the industry and manufacturing, and provide us with electricity. Once oil been depleted we might revert to the 19th century, riding horses,using wood stove and sailing to cross the continent.

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