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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I received a lot of emails encouraging me to be successful and the sender define successful as to make/ have a lot of money.

"people want to be rich but they don't want to lift a finger so don't blame rich people if u are not rich, join us"

"a smart person, makes money in his pajamas... wanna know the secret? join us"

"(making) money is not a problem, if u only knew, join us"

Those are some of the excerpts, I never response to one, though I wonder what is the products, what is the services hence she never mentioned it. Then how? the money materialized from thin air?

So one day i responded, I wrote, "u must be the richest person in Malaysia" and u know what, she's annoyed by me. And started lecturing about Malay dilemma, and continue to successful person in Malaysia, which to her are those rich people. By all means those person have products and services to offer.

I offered her an olive branch and she started to cool down where i myself took the liberty to talk in some background of hers. Astonishingly i found out she's working as a government officer, f-man! I thought by the way she talked as if she's an entrepreneur somewhere! /nobigdeal

Hey man why don't u quit and prove to me u could live on your proud words.


Anonymous said...

Gud one.. :)

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