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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Time Travel in the Quran?

The cave of Ashabul Kahfi

Time travel is the concept of moving between different points in time. Time travel could hypothetically involve moving backward in time to a moment earlier than the starting point, or forward to the future of that point without the need for the traveler to experience the intervening period (at least not at the normal rate). Any technological device – whether fictional or hypothetical – that would be used to achieve time travel is commonly known as a time machine.

There are no record in the holy Quran or tradition of the prophet (pbuh) of time travel back in time. However there is a tiding in the holy Quran of traveling forward to the future.

Allah told the prophet (pbuh) in surah al kahfi 9-26 about a group of young men in an effort of preserving their monotheism  and a dog that took refugee in a cave from a tyrant infidel king (also acknowledge by the Jews and Christian). The asbab un Nuzul (occasion of revelation) of the ayah is when a group of Jews ask the prophet (pbuh) about the story of the people of the cave known to them not the Arab to prove His (pbuh) prophethood, and Allah revealed to the prophet (pbuh) the story in surah Al Kahfi.

Ashabul Kahfi were put to sleep by the Almighty for 309 lunar years and then revived, they miraculously thought that they've been sleeping for only a night, surely their body didn't grow old, if yes they might have noticed it, fitting the time travel definition put up by wikipedia, without the need for the traveler to experience the intervening period (at least not at the normal rate).

National geographic documentary on coffee once quoted, Islam give us science, mathematics and coffee. So far many scientific study has proven the prophecy of the Quran on science. The Quran tells the possibility and man took it to the lab and prove it. In surah Al kahfi is the holy Quran telling us that time travel is possible?

I read about time machine, a device or contraption built to enable time travel, thus far nobody found any carcass of any machine of some sort in, under (buried) or any where near the kahfi's cave in Amman... yet?

Then I read about worm hole or time portal, is it possible the kahfi's cave in Amman is a portal or a hole of time itself? I don't know if there has been any study conducted yet.

If both the time machine and time portal exist they would probably go forth and back, but the people of the cave (ashabul kahfi) never come back to their time instead they died after discovering what is going on.

An then I read about cryonics, the preservation of dead body under low temperature so that the body will not decompose  and to be revived later in the future. The only drawback in this theory is the body already dead, whilst in the al kahfi story, they are not, they're still alive and are put to deep sleep.

However all three of the above are just theories until i read about hibernation and aestivation which is proven and ongoing, practices by some animal to survive an unfavorable condition. This is done by literally sleep away a duration of time, days, weeks, sometime months and then woke up in the future to continue living.

Is it possible that the ashabul kahfi is experiencing some sort of hibernation for 300 years? Mukjizah is only for the prophet and Karamah is for the chosen people, for the laymen is always cause and effect, therefor it's sure worth inspecting the cave.



norh said...

Ada sesapa boleh bagitau macam mana mimpi2 kita tercipta? Semalam saya mimpi belajar buat pembedahan lasik dgn dr muhaya...ha ha ha

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

there's always some mysteries in this world :D

Anonymous said...

This is a Qur’anic narrative of a few, perhaps seven young men who decided to betake to the mountains, rather than submit to the “authorities” demanding that they abandon their faith in One true God. As they lay in a cave, with their dog at the entrance, Allah sent a 309-year sleep on them. They were discovered when, after waking up, believing that they had slept for a few hours, they sent one of them to the town to buy bread; (perhaps his old-fashioned attire, his classic tongue, his ancient coin, led to suspicion and discovery. But when he led them to the cave, perhaps entering in first, he fell dead, as others too). They built a place of worship there, in remembrance.

The Qur’an or Hadith do not mention the time and place, nor identify the young men of faith. Several investigation and research teams and individuals have arrived at different results, none contributing to certainty. The episode finds no mention in Judaic Encyclopedias, although Hadith literature suggests that the question about them was raised by the Jews as a test. In Christianity, they are identified as the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus (near Izimr, Turkey), who slept off for 200 years. Other details are also different from those stated by the Qur’an. During the Crusades “bones from the sepulchres near Ephesus, identified as relics of the Seven Sleepers, were transported to Marseille, France in a large stone coffin, which remained a trophy of the church of Saint Victoire, Marseille” (Wikipedia). However, Baronius, in the sixteenth century, challenged the authenticity of the story, which, as recorded by Jacob of Serugh and Gregory of Tours, had enjoyed great popularity in the East and the West. H. Thurston and D. Attwater describe it as a Christianization of a pagan or Jewish legend closely akin to the tale of Rip Van Winkle” (The New Catholic Encyclopedia, Second Edition, Seven Sleepers of Ephesus).

As illustrated by the Qur’an (18: 9-27), succinctly, but in clarity, the episode is full of lessons. A lesson drawn is: if your faith is threatened, it is preferable to live on mountain tops, or in depths of caves than risk it. Allah will find a way out for you.

Some people wince at the idea of some people going into sleep for as long as 309 years. But this is because they do not use reason and logic. Are they not aware that animals go into hibernation for as long as six months? Some animals, like frogs, go into hibernation with their heart-beat coming to a complete halt. When it gets warm, by some miracle they come awake, back to life. If it is possible for six months, why not six years, or six thousand years?

Source : http://islamicencyclopedia.org/public/vanilla/index.php?p=/discussion/161/as-hab-al-kahf-أصحاب-الكهف/p1

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