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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Word Verification Problem, Cannot Comment

I have problem with blogger word verification for the last couple of weeks which resulted in me cannot comment on any post with word verification option on.

Every time I entered the word it will come out wrong, even how careful and certain I am. A new set of word then come out and asking me to fill out again. I tried three times then quit.

At first I thought it will stop after one day but obviously it didn't and persist until this very moment. I'm trying to comment on Jo's new blog, yeah people Jo's has emerge as someone else.

Is anybody out there experiencing the same, please help.


norh said...

Selalu jugak fail word verification ni..
Mungkin ada abjad baru kot yg blogger cipta tapi kita tak tau...ha ha ha

whitecappuccino said...

Salam idul fitri GF!...lama sungguh tak singgah sini. Memang betul, word verification menyusahkan..kdg mmbuatkan kita tawar hati nk komen.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Jo has not merged into someone else, Mr. Ben Ayob. "She" was actually separated into several different real life individuals, including myself. If you have watched the movie 'S1m0ne' you would understand who Jo really was.

wahida said...

mmg bengang kalau ada word verification ni...aku pernah buat n3 pasal ni..kena taip byk kali, kalau salah jugak lepas 3 kali, mmg aku pangkah je...

Gentleman Frog said...


to miss P,

I also want to come clean, I'm actually a product of a group of bored people too.

I'll blog about it sometime.

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