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Monday, September 10, 2012

Sharing is caring

A few years ago I was a substituted teacher,

One day, I have three classes half an hour after recess, just a few minutes after all the student entered the room, the room was filled with strong unpleasant smell, as if somebody is frying shit there, literally.

So I asked,

"Do you took your bath before coming to school?"

One of them answered,

"Yes we did but if you smell shit it's coming from this guy, even the teacher before you have complained" pointing at .....

In defense, the kid answered,

"I took a dump at recess," said him smiling.

"Clearly U didn't washed it properly", said I.

As the T&L is going on, the smell becomes more intense to an extend it was unbearable anymore, so I ask him to go and wash again,

"Use more water and take your time this time, please"

20 minutes later he came back, but the smell didn't go away completely, it was not as strong as before but is still there, sizzling. clearly his pants had been contaminated, I thought.

A few more minutes past by,

The T&L was halfway, The smell is bugging me, the sensory of adaptation theory doesn't work. Sensory adaptation is a phenomenon in which sensory neurons become less sensitive to a constant stimulus.

So I thought to myself, I shouldn't be cheap I should share my finding (the sensory of adaptation doesn't work) with everyone.

So I asked that pupil to go around reciting the multiplication table to every teacher in the school, starting with the class next door.

I didn't know that he managed or not to get everybody because just after two teachers he was banished again to the toilet... and again.. and again, and the just now quiet school suddenly buzzing everywhere.

Hey don't u judge me, sharing is caring U know.


whitecappuccino said...

haha..memang cikgu sungguh caring!

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

kids did the things that can either make us smile or otherwise :D

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