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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Let all Malaysians celebrate Merdeka as one my arse, updated

Today is hari Malaysia,

Where is Malaysia going after this upcoming GE? Everybody is praying for a better Malaysia, some with action and some just enough with prayer and hope, including me.

Here is my POV,

One of our leader, (considered our leader also since his Malaysian constituency choose him), recently call highly for all Malaysians to celebrate merdeka as one (not really recent, since im not too much into politic this might be so 31 aug ago to any political enthusiast), but sadly he and his camp are doing exactly the opposite. Since action speak louder than word, the mindful oversees the mighty speech to actions resulted from it.

For the first time in history we have two seperate merdeka logo and merdeka slogan. Apparently, for the past 55 years the opposition already exist and active and we have been celebrating merdeka as one before this. Back then, there is politic and there is everything else. We opt to differ when it comes to the matter of politic never before we drag everything else to be politicize.

Instead of urging and constructively criticizing the current government to change the logo and slogan because it's seen and sound stupid, in fact it is. Surprisingly, the opposition goes to make a new logo and and make another three different kind of slogan! and call malaysians to celebrate merdeka as one? very mindful our leader is, isn't it?!

Before that, they propose and succeed for a separate Independence day celebration for Sabah and Sarawak, god knows for what reason. Even not all the 50 states of the united states join the US before the 4th of July yet they all have no problem celebrating Independence day as one on 4th of July. Have you no suspicion to this kind of party that constantly promoting division behind cheap talks of unity?

And now theyre proposing for a separate election, i dont know what would we achive by doing so except waste of time and the rakyats money. Who is willing to go to the ballot center twice? On a different day? Those who live and work in different state of his constituency, would they travel twice? What if they live in sabah and has to cast vote in semenanjung? Will their employer give way?

Post 2008 was the worst year for Malaysia as if it was in the brink of destruction and social breakdown, politic is religion!, everything from national affairs to which car assemblymen should drive was politicize. I remember that year after GE, the dispute on assemblymen official car was going on for months! Imagine how much time that should be put to improve the rakyat's wellbeing were wasted figthing over assemblymen official cars!

I'm not from any camp just speaking my mind off, a friend said to me, if you are from a camp and you talk sense, even the most sensible will be rejected because of different camp factor. So here's my two cents of thought from camp nobody, and let us all sleep on it and rethink about what nonesense is going on right now.

Selamat Hari Malaysia and lets keep malaysian and Malaysia United.


una berry said...


norh said...

Selamat Hari Malaysia

whitecappuccino said...

selamat hari malaysia..semoga malaysia akan terus kekal sbgai sebuah negara yg bersatu..

Anonymous said...

Cars don't mean anything. You can't bring a Preve or Bugati to the grave anyway.

wahida said...

selamat hari malaysia...

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