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Friday, October 19, 2012

Malaysian Afford 300% Duty's Car

Presently, I live in a terrace house in a housing area or taman perumahan. Each house is provided with a limited parking space that can sit two cars at a time. However there are no one house in that residential with only one car, including my house. Apparently, 90% of the resident there at least have two cars and 60% have more.

Problem occurred at 5 pm everyday, during weekends and gatherings, people park everywhere sometimes to an extend of property invasion, dreadfully, those with one too many car park in front of your house, and at their mercy gave U a skimpy space in front of your own property enough for U to ooze out and in, barely. If this happens once in a while, like at gathering or wedding ceremony, it is understandable, but what if it happens every weekends hell everyday? One can go mad and sometimes might loose it.

A few months ago, a political party in an effort to lure voters had made a promise to slash down car duties that will resulted in car price going down extremely, notably 50% cheaper, that is a whooping cut down, which made many has started eyeing on European cars.

Unfortunately, the way I see it and presented to you just now, people in Malaysia doesn't need cheap car. If one house equal one family has more than two cars at a time, it shows that people in Malaysia afford  cars with 300% duties.

So car price is not really an issue, the main issue regarding car price is what they do with that 300% duty? All duties is considered nation's income that suppose to be channeled to improve the rakyat's well being. If U asked me I would like to see more bike and bicycle lane install in major city and more subsidies to public transport, wheel of the poor. More subsidies put into gas will only benefit the rich with a warehouse of cars, collectible, so think about it before everybody goes amok every time the price of gas hiked.

No 2, the real issue is-rakyat Malaysia doesn't really need cheap car but they're in dire need of affordable house, isn't it obvious? One house too many cars? Its that elephant in the room. Property price all over Malaysia has gone through the roof, in Sandakan alone a single storey terrace with two bedrooms or a third floor apartment is worth not less than RM199, 000, a compact double storey cost u an arm and a leg of more than RM200,000 and let us not mention about semi D and the above or U might get a heart attack.

The call for the government to step in has sadly been ignored so far. Recent budget, RM1.9bil allocated to build 123, 000 affordable housing units is a mere planning, we don't know yet after the government of the day get reelected they will walk the talk, taken into example the Kota Belud road project worth purportedly  RM70mil has yet to be completed.

Even so there is no guaranteed silver lining in the new government either, look at Penang, even after government change the poor still been left out, every available land on the rock were sold to developers and the poor living there for generations had been rapidly cast away. The developer then will build luxury houses affordable only to the big towkay, sadly.



norh said...

harga rumah semiD dulu, dah jadi harga rumah teres sekarang..

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