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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


GTP: Raising rural income by growing pricey tapioca
By Desmond Davidson

KUCHING: The humble tapioca, long a source of food for the country's rural folk, will soon be planted nationwide as a cash crop to supplement their income.

Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal said yesterday tapioca was suitable as a cash crop now because it fetched high prices in the local and international markets.

"Tapioca is now a source of many products. But its use for
biofuel ethanol is the reason why it fetches high prices. ~NST

Who says money doesn't grow on tress.

We human tend to go for easy money, well who wouldn't? and that is where terms such as 'makan atas angin', 'ali baba', get rich quick scheme, and MLM became so popular. Have land, we mortgaged it to get easy money to buy stocks that purportedly make easy money that eventually dry up. Kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Once there was an anonymous friend constantly provoking me with irritatingly messages to get me to join a get rich quick scheme of hers. The message goes, 'making money is not a problem if u only knew, smart people make money in their pajamas, people want to be rich but they r lazy to kick start, so don't blame rich people if u r poor, and so on'.

I never response to one because i have money, not rich, i'd say enough. Until one day i did response, cause i want to play around only, i said, "u must be the richest person in Malaysia, aren't U?", damn, she blew up and start nagging of Malay dilema and ASB. So I pulled the break and offered an olive branch, eventually she cools down.

I started to talk in some back ground of hers when i found out she's actually a civil servant, Mother Father! With that proud talk U'd think she is a successful entrepreneur somewhere. This show that the business shes in wasn't that good as she purported, whereas she would let go of her secured government job and achieve wealthiness in her so called easy money making in a pajamas venture, would she?


una berry said...

I'm always against get-rich-quick scheme, mlm and what not. for me there's no such thing like easy money. we have to work for it and earn it. c'mon be realistic. nothing is easy in this anarchic world. kan encik katak?hehe
kalau x sure ramai org kaya kat mesia masuk Forbes 10 richest man alive in parallel with donald trump suma :D

HonEyBuNNy said...

kalau nak banyak wit...kena la usaha lebih kan...jgn malas2...;0)

✿....rossa alina....✿ said...

money tree??huh??impossible..huhuhu.. ;p

miss nina said...

teringat satu pepatah lama: berbudi pada tanah

nowadays, 2biji ubi kayu rm10. try survey di jusco :)

whitecappuccino said...

No pain no gain..ingat senang2 ke nak dpt duit jadi kaya..yg kaya pun selalunya bermula dari bawah..kena juga usaha dulu..

Gentleman Frog said...


Una, betul3x

honey, betul3x

rossa, metaphorically possible

miss nina, 2 biji RM10! :-o retire nnt bukak ladang ubi kayu lah

WC, betul3x

fifianggun said...


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