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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Air stewardess killed in head-on crash

GEORGE TOWN: Air stewardess Ng Sweet Yuin’s plan to spend quality time with her grandmother was cut short by a road accident.

The Malaysia Airlines stewardess, 27, died on the spot after her Perodua MyVi was involved in a head-on collision with a Proton Satria driven by a 22-year-old youth on the Jelutong Expressway at 3.15am yesterday. ~the star

Some people fear of flying, but this poor girl had been flying for two years and paradoxically died on the ground.

Fear of flying, is it resulted from fear of dying or fear of height?

U r more likely to be killed on the way to the airport (or the way back) than to die in a plane crash, they said, a what, thousand, million to one the chances are. Meaning road accident kills more.

I think the feeling of not in control plus being apart from mother earth, makes life more excited. Your life solely in the hands of a total stranger, the pilot, what if he is in a bad mood that day, And thinking u'll likely walk away from road accident but not a chance at 34 000 feet above ground.

I think it's the fear of dying even though it is irrational.

"And every Ummah has its appointed term; when their term comes, neither can they delay it nor can they hasten it an hour (or a moment)" (Quran 7:34)



HonEyBuNNy said...

betul tu....apa2 berlaku xleh delay....tapi bagi ila..naik flight lebih selamat....heheh

FarhanaDr said...

Semuanya dah ditentukan oleh DIA.. Kan? Sebab tu dah disebut beribadatlah kita seperti kita akan mati esok hari..

Saye tak takut naik plane nor i'm afraid of height.. Naik plane tak pernah pikir yang tidak-tidak, seronok lagi ade..

Tapi bila naik bas, saya berpeluh-peluh.. Ketar-ketar, tak senang duduk.. Dat's my fear.. Huhu..

whitecappuccino said...

Kalau dah sampai ajal tak kira dimana kita berada..tak boleh nak lari..

una berry said...

yeah, it's the fear of dying
isk, tetiba terasa amalan sgtlah xcukup
sok nak g travel jauh risau plak
malasnye nak g........

miss nina said...

so tragic, i'm very sorry for her.

Gentleman Frog said...

Salam all,

Honey, naik flight lebih selamat?

Dr F, aik terbalik pulak.

WC, setuju

Una, semoga selamat

Miss N, me too

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