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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


In the news today.

Mersing: Boat capsized killing three. ~the star

As usual after a tragic accident the authority would AT LAST found out the boat captain doesn't have a license, the boat had been ferrying overloaded passengers (all these years?) and no life jacket provided.

Apparently this has became like a trend as on land, a few days ago (following a series of horrid bus accidents starting the Melaka toll tragedy) another bus accident had claimed 28 lives

and later found out the driver have no license also and at last after all these years, 'experts' figured out that high deck bus is unsuitable for highland travel, fuh better late than never, BUT before anything could be done another accident involving high deck bus reported in Terengganu luckily everybody survived.

Most of road users might noticed that JPJ and the police operate quite frequently with the saman ekor, road block here, road block there but strangely they couldn't detect these public transport traffic offenders, not until a tragedy occurred. On the other hand JPJ showed more interest in modified cars.

Now the trend goes sea.

I hope this carelessness trend will not go to the air because at 34 000 feet little could be done alas on land also claimed 28 lives what could be expected in the air.


pemadam said...

mcm mna la boleh takde kelengkapan kslmtn... bawa pelancong lak tu. wlau cmna pun, tindakan lbih drastik perlu dijalankan o phak berkuasa~

miss nina said...

they forgot to practice - better late than never

just imagine if the sporean sue this boat owner/kelong's owner... should we pity on them because of their ignorance on safety?

haish... penat pikir!!

Jo Qusary said...

When accidents happen, Malaysians tend to leave it to God. Try negligence suit for a change.

whitecappuccino said...

Perkara yang sama berlaku..berulang kali namun begitulah selalunya, dan begitulah seterusnya..

una berry said...

maybe it is just how the 'world' works

HonEyBuNNy said...

erm...xtau nak kata apa dah...semua kuasa Allah kan...

Ayl Aziz said...

Salam Gentleman Frog, u menang hadiah dari blog saya. Boleh hubungi saya kat email impianaayl@gmail.com untuk urusan penghantaran hadiah? TQ.

Gentleman Frog said...

salam all,

pemadam, miss nina, wc


Jo, Una,

Qada' dan qadar always there.


reads jo


whoa r u serious? I'd always want to go to pangkor

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