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Monday, December 27, 2010


Hunt for man who filmed himself killing two kittens
Sunday, 26 December 2010 10:42

LONDON – A man is being sought after filming himself killing two kittens in a home-made execution chamber - and posting the horrific video online.

The sicko, thought to be British, is seen suffocating the cute animals in a vacuum bag.

He put them in the transparent container, and zipped it shut before connecting a vacuum cleaner nozzle.

The two kittens back away as he started sucking the air out - and suddenly stopped moving as they are suffocated. The callous hoodie then grabbed their lifeless bodies and dropped them on a nearby bed. ~MM

Everybody want to be famous these days.

Some became a successful miming artist and believe it or not he/she got the time and guts to go thru all the make up, self recording and self editing. Its ok as long as it doesn't offend anybody, but there are 'superior' group while downloading illegal clips came across the miming clip and felt offended by this purportedly 'lesser' human and start using the miming clips as platform shoes to look taller.

Some became p0rnst4r with their girlfriend only got the 'credits'. This is bad because it tarnished the image of our belief, a blasphemy. Allah asked us in His noble Quran for good men to seek good women and good women to seek good men, but what happened is the opposite, good men seek good women, bad men also seek good women, so where's the bad women cause by the bad men will go?

The Zani marries not but a Zaniyah or a Mushrikah; and the Zaniyah, none marries her except a Zani or a Mushrik. Such a thing is forbidden to the believers. Quran 24:3

And others kill kitten. :-o


Jo Qusary said...

Bad women can go suffocate bad men inside vacuum cleaners...

Gentleman Frog said...

salam jo,

sadly they keep mum, if i were those women i'll sue or i'd go to the press, i'd tarnish their life as they tarnished mine, luckily i'm a guy.

una berry said...

ah, again women always caught-up with their so-called 'love' thingy

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