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Monday, November 29, 2010


or father...

Man comes clean and pleads guilty to dirty deeds

A 39-YEAR-OLD civilian employee of the Singapore police force masturbated in his office before adding his semen into his female colleagues’ drinking bottles, Nanyang Siang Pau reported.

Sim Keng Tee approached his colleagues on the pretext of having a chat with them before secretly recording them drinking the water with his mobile phone.

The administrative staff started his despicable act on Feb 21, 2008 when he masturbated in front of a woman colleague’s photo. He kept his semen in a bottle before pouring it into her drinking bottle.
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A man would go thru any hardship, risking everything, his career or even his life to achieve his sexual nirvana, creatively.

Surprisingly turning down the easier way, Marriage.

Do U know where your drinking bottle is? /XD


whitecappuccino said...

Yuck! gelinye!! loya semacam baca nih! jahatnye dia..

una berry said...

maybe that guy seriously has psychological issue. plus, addiction towards porno and sexual thingy that might drive him to do such acts. who knows. I don't think marriage can solve the probs coz certain married man still have certain issues related to this. if it does (marriage), why do we still have rape and incest cases?

Gentleman Frog said...

salam all,

WC, (>o<) hahaha jaga bekal dan botol air masa kat tempat keja.

Una, maybe wife should let their hubby r4p6 them sometime (o_O)

una berry said...

it might be damn hurt and dissatisfying :P

maybe we should buy 'Real Doll' for ppl like this.heh

mirachantek said...

oh this is fuckin sick.

miss nina said...

omg.. i'm speechless.
that's so unacceptable.

can't think on it. dush

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