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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to set up a Sharp Aquos with Astro

Am I the only one having difficulties connecting asstro to an LED tv?

My 2 years old JVC TV broke down suddenly today, so I bought a new one.

I went to giant and had my eyes on a 32" one of the sharp line worth RM8++ , the cheapest one among the branded on display.

Unfortunately, it is out of stock, so I went to next best thing, a 32" Aquos from the same line.

As we got home, I was very excited and start unwrapping and begun setting it up immediately, and again unfortunately, it won't work with asstro, it doesn't display any pictures except that thousand dots.

So I connected it to a plain AV antenna and manage to receive one channel only, TV3. (That is why in rural area asstro is a necessity because normal antenna could only captures weak signal, if we get TV1 that's a blessing because we got two channel to enjoy!).

Frustrated I called asstro but unfortunately again to no avail, the nice lady with asstro said they can only do their part but not the TV, and she is right.

So as I wonder what went wrong, my fingers keep pressing the remote scouring for solution and to my delight I noticed the input button.

Finally I came to a solution, u have to set the input manually as the TV have no clue which holes she's been poked.

And afterwards everything is back to normal... and we shut it down and went to sleep.

A little recap:
1. connect the cable as usual, red to red, white to white and yellow to yellow.
2. And then use the input button on the remote to determine which input should the TV be directed to.

Sincerely, I hope this article might save some people 's times.



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