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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ambank Pasaraya, a series of unfortunate events

I lost my road-tax.

Since I took ambank insurance, I returned to ambank for help, at bandar pasaraya around 11.20 on 1st March 2013 to prey for information, talked to one of the staff at the table nearest to the main door and it turn out to be another heart broken trip there.

The staff is rude and clueless, she won't even make eye contact not to mention a smile.

My first heart broken trip there was last year, asking to change my phone number associated with my credit card, but the staff, at the table next to the atm machines, won't entertain me, "You can do it online ma." Said him, without even looking.

It was at ambank sg dua and its benign staff, I got my phone number changed and my insurance renewed.

Back to today, so, heart broken I drove to ambank, town, 7.9 km away, and luckily the staff there mend my broken heart.

While the public services are urged to emulate the private sector, ambank pasaraya took the other way around, ditching their private sector qualities and took the lousy public services manner of operation, sadly.

There are considerable complaints that ambank pasaraya is racist, but I don't want to go there without ample evidence, I hope who ever reading this and suffer the same fate would come out and let our voices be heard.

To whom it may concern, please pay attention to ambank, bandar pasaraya, lot 77; 78 jalan utara.



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