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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My School Bully Didn't Make It

It was a hot afternoon.

I just parked my car  and about to enter the bank when the door was opened for me by  the security guard at the door, he greeted me, 'afternoon sir' with a humble voice, so humble that I almost missed it.

I, wasn't looking and replied, 'Afternoon' strong and firm.

after finishing some business at the counter i left for the door, again the door  sprang  opened for me with a greet, 'Thank you sir come again' it's that humble voice  again.

'Thank  You' I replied with a nod and a quick glance.

As I aproached my car, suddenly I realized that that face seems familiar,but i didn't recall. I didn't look back, for fear that that guard might think i'm gay.

I got myself in the car, quickly wore a shades- shades is very important when conducting surveillance-  and drove by, when I took another look carefully  it's  confirmed that the guard was once my school bully.

The year was 1993  to  1995,

Once he picked on everybody, and yes including me, he was kicked out from school in form three and i never heard of him for 15 years until today.

What happen? Once a proud school bully, oh no let me put it correctly, once a proud boarding school bully (that's better and looks more clever), now sitting humbly on a stool face down guarding a door.

Ah pity, My prayers are with him,

But come to think of it, revenge did feel sweet, muahaha wickedly.

Friday, June 15, 2012


The following takes place between the year 2000 and 2004,

In my students days there is a group whose many considered extremist because of their fundamentalist view of the world.

To me the group wasn't extreme but the correct term to define them is LOST.

Once, after many years of condemning how things were run at the campus, they were given a chance by the University to take over and run thing 'the righteous way'. So they took over and run it with their own definition of righteousness.

So as I was coming back from a lecture, i visited one of its booth, namely the request booth. A request booth offer service to send card with gift to a friend to their door step, the gift usually flowers, candy or fruit -usually a friend of the opposite sex, its kinda like a romantic thingy to send someone gift and not delivering it yourself.

Back to the group,

I'm not planning to send any but something attracts me from afar, As I approach the booth, it was clear, there a sign hanging there saying,

"Strictly, all request are to be sent between the same sex only!"

"Ooooo Kkkkk" pronounce hesitantly.

"So what do U have?"

"We have flowers, candy and fruits wrapped in a girlie manner."

"Ooooo Kkkkk" Hesitantly, strictly.

Are u sure we cannot send this to the other side? Definitely no, its against da rules.


If they are against coupling, that makes sense, BIG SENSE that the majority support it, but to shut down everything lead to a relation ship? there split views between everybody.

One might ask, how do u expect people going to get married if there isn't any terminus a quo, U surely doesn't want gays do you?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

They're Robbing Us

Celcom really got under my skin,

I was winning at chess on FB when suddenly the connection was lost abruptly, the opponent got a free wins. This is not the first time but happened numerous times before. From 8-12pm there's a network outage, everyday, no solution for the past three years, and no deduction or cutback on your bill every months. Some might suggest may be its at the end of the month, the answer is a frigging NO, its everyday. I surf around to see if others have the same problem with celcom broadband, as a matter effect, there loadssss of them.

1. all about her: celcom babi
2. nizran's site: Celcom yang babi
3. Gua nak rilek-rilek: Celcom equal pig
4. Celcom broadband dan siput babi|Umarvellous

That is broadband, while another story with phone line, constantly i get advertising message, type on this, type on that. I paid for the line it is not free, i doesn't deserve to get annoying interruption like that, I really doesn't need it foremost when driving, suddenly the sms beep, its really tempting not to look at, especially when you're expecting sms from someone, once your take a peek while the other hand is on the wheel, its read, type on @&% and send it to &*$#, frustrated and deceived, i can't believe I risk my life (may be others) for this.

For those who is planning to get a network service or changing line, consider celcom last or not at all, opt for other while you still can, if you subscribe to its broadband service there is a one year contract you have to sign in favor of celcom, the first month the service will be excellent after that your'll be screaming at their operators almost everyday until u fed up.

It almost like taking dirty money legally, right under the authority nose, no body can do anything, there a powerful and above the law, robing the poor in plain sight, how do they sleep at night i wonder. the only thing you can do is to terminate the service and advice other to stay away from all celcom services unless you really have to (there is no other option).


Friday, June 8, 2012

You Asked For It

PTPTN shuts out Unisel

PETALING JAYA: The National Higher Education Corporation Fund (PTPTN) has frozen its loans to students studying in Selangor-owned Universiti Selangor (Unisel).

The freeze began last month when fresh intakes started.

Stressing that it was a temporary move, Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin said the decision was made following “political pressure” from the Opposition over free education.

“PTPTN wants to determine how serious the Opposition is in wanting to provide free education. If it is serious, then students in state-owned private institutes of higher learning like Unisel need not apply for study loans from PTPTN because education will be provided free to them.”

However, he said, the freeze would not affect Unisel students who were already receiving the loans.

The freeze was brought to public attention when the Higher Education Ministry, through the e-forum at its website, responded to a query on the matter.

PTPTN in a statement said the decision was also made due to recent call by Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for students not to repay their loans.

Since the first call by the Pakatan to abolish PTPTN, I've been following them with interest, hence I myself is struggling to pay the PTPTN loan, well a loan is a loan, u have to pay it some when some how. I was perplexed by many question surrounding the issue of free education, the first question is, same with other sensible mind,  how do they will fund it? Those insensible are easy taken to the street since they're still being breast fed, they never thought that every outcome have an income, everything doesn't just materialize from thin air.

In other country, Finland for example, where education is free up to 16 years of age come from its tax, reported the fourth highest tax rates in the world. So we can see where is the money coming from and going to. Back in Malaysia, its Education produce more government servant, i mean less entrepreneur thus less tax payer.

In my naive vision, I really can't see tertiary education being free since primary education itself cannot be made free. Secondly, if tertiary education made free surely at the cost of limited fund therefor will become exclusive to selected few,  right now everybody can further their studies funded by PTPTN. Thirdly, i still see the need of PTPTN but with a little bit of improvement, obviously, abolish the monthly RM64 every month service charge, and do not take 'riba', the rest is so far OK, there flexibility in the repayment amount which help a lot.

Anyway back to the main interest, this is an opportunity for Pakatan, and a personal challenge to DSAI, to show that they can provide free education and dismiss any accusation that they only good at making empty promises provoking the Government of the day  to do what virtually impossible to be done aiming to see them fail and have the last laugh but in the long run we all fail if the nation goes bankrupt.

If they can pull this off-MAKE UNISEL FREE-, they'll surely, definitely, certainly get my vote... and a few thousand more.
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