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Sunday, June 10, 2012

They're Robbing Us

Celcom really got under my skin,

I was winning at chess on FB when suddenly the connection was lost abruptly, the opponent got a free wins. This is not the first time but happened numerous times before. From 8-12pm there's a network outage, everyday, no solution for the past three years, and no deduction or cutback on your bill every months. Some might suggest may be its at the end of the month, the answer is a frigging NO, its everyday. I surf around to see if others have the same problem with celcom broadband, as a matter effect, there loadssss of them.

1. all about her: celcom babi
2. nizran's site: Celcom yang babi
3. Gua nak rilek-rilek: Celcom equal pig
4. Celcom broadband dan siput babi|Umarvellous

That is broadband, while another story with phone line, constantly i get advertising message, type on this, type on that. I paid for the line it is not free, i doesn't deserve to get annoying interruption like that, I really doesn't need it foremost when driving, suddenly the sms beep, its really tempting not to look at, especially when you're expecting sms from someone, once your take a peek while the other hand is on the wheel, its read, type on @&% and send it to &*$#, frustrated and deceived, i can't believe I risk my life (may be others) for this.

For those who is planning to get a network service or changing line, consider celcom last or not at all, opt for other while you still can, if you subscribe to its broadband service there is a one year contract you have to sign in favor of celcom, the first month the service will be excellent after that your'll be screaming at their operators almost everyday until u fed up.

It almost like taking dirty money legally, right under the authority nose, no body can do anything, there a powerful and above the law, robing the poor in plain sight, how do they sleep at night i wonder. the only thing you can do is to terminate the service and advice other to stay away from all celcom services unless you really have to (there is no other option).



una berry said...

hey, u've changed ur layout!
nice eh
anyway, I always saw people rant on twitter about this telco as well as other telco . I think there's no telco worth our money nowadays. all they care is ripping off our money with their sucky services

whitecappuccino said...

ingatkan masuk blog sapela tadi..apa2 pun payah kita nak untung..

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

I hate broadband too... it's pain in the ass!

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