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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My School Bully Didn't Make It

It was a hot afternoon.

I just parked my car  and about to enter the bank when the door was opened for me by  the security guard at the door, he greeted me, 'afternoon sir' with a humble voice, so humble that I almost missed it.

I, wasn't looking and replied, 'Afternoon' strong and firm.

after finishing some business at the counter i left for the door, again the door  sprang  opened for me with a greet, 'Thank you sir come again' it's that humble voice  again.

'Thank  You' I replied with a nod and a quick glance.

As I aproached my car, suddenly I realized that that face seems familiar,but i didn't recall. I didn't look back, for fear that that guard might think i'm gay.

I got myself in the car, quickly wore a shades- shades is very important when conducting surveillance-  and drove by, when I took another look carefully  it's  confirmed that the guard was once my school bully.

The year was 1993  to  1995,

Once he picked on everybody, and yes including me, he was kicked out from school in form three and i never heard of him for 15 years until today.

What happen? Once a proud school bully, oh no let me put it correctly, once a proud boarding school bully (that's better and looks more clever), now sitting humbly on a stool face down guarding a door.

Ah pity, My prayers are with him,

But come to think of it, revenge did feel sweet, muahaha wickedly.


Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

ah, the case of bullies... it does get better when you're a bully's victim...

whitecappuccino said...

dapat jugak jadi ssecurity guard..:)
oh ya..beghak tu maksudnya"berat" atau teruk.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Fate wants to show you that the table has been turned in your favour, Mr. Ben Ayob.

Gentleman Frog said...

Jo, when u will start blogging again?

Miss P said...

Almost correct, Mr. Ben Ayob. I am not Jo. My name is Puteri. I am the one who did the blog's artwork part and the source of idea for Jo's occupation. The real life Jo is based on the original author, Nur, the one who got married to the "foreigner" last June. I am not a part of Nur's group anymore after we shut down the blog, since Nur's husband does not allow her to write as Jo Qusary again. But I never stopped dropping by your blog. My own blog is at itslaw.blogspot.com.

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