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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kancil or pig

U see this kancil used to park infront of my house and my neighbor's for a couple of years now.

This idiot surprisingly live in house number 2.

U see house no 1 is opposite of mine, and there is another house beside his and then there is where this idiot live.

Can U see how far this idiot house from ours?

It doesn't seem that this idiot has problems with space. He has two cars parked inside, and free space infront of his house. His neighbor on the left have two cars and his neighbor on the right only has one pickup.

After a confrontation, this idiot only parked on work days in the morning only however this only took effect for a couple of weeks or so before he revert back to his unethical habit.

After talk failed we act.

We tried a different approach, at dawn we parked outside on that spot to stop that idiot from parking there, for a week, it took effect for three weeks afterward before that idiot revert back again to his old unethical habit.

So what's the problem?

Uneducated, even though he works in academic field, I'm sure his one of those who work in academic field yet claimed academic is of little importance to cover one own impotency, Its academic written all over, academician, academically, monthly test, twice a year test, UPSR test, all academic based, ya know what i meant.

Reported by Muslim the prophet SAW said:

'Those whose his neighbor does not feel safe from his evil doing will not enter Paradise'.



Sally Samsaiman said...

what happened to his garage..? LOL!

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