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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Female doctor is actually a guy

Female doctor is actually a guy

Double identity: Supt Soh showing a photo of the man who posed as a female doctor in Malacca.
MALACCA: With his soft and feminine features, the petite figure comes across as a prim and proper female medical doctor.

Always clad in a baju kurung and headscarf, “Dr Ika” the name the doctor used managed to con several private clinics here with fake certificates and had himself hired as a locum at RM45 an hour.

He was actually a jobless man who did not even finish his nursing course in two institutions in Selangor and Johor.

Said to have given “extra attention and tender loving care'' to male patients, his cover was recently exposed when he supposedly called a male patient on his handphone after hours.

The patient's wife found out and complained to the clinic last Monday and internal investigations followed before the police were alerted.

Malacca commercial crimes chief Supt Soh Hock Sing said a special team was set up to observe and gather information before an undercover operation was mounted.

“We decided to act fast as it involved patients' lives. So, one of our officers posed as a patient seeking medical treatment at the clinic. The man behaved like a real woman doctor and examined the officer. He even prescribed some medicine,” he said yesterday.

The team raided the clinic and questioned the “doctor” before arresting him at 6pm on Thursday.

Initial investigations showed that the 26-year-old from Sabah, who lived in Ampang, was also a dropout from an engineering course in an institution in Sabah.

“We believe he used the same trick in Perak and Pahang before coming to Malacca in January,” Supt Soh said.

“Patients who think that they had been given prescriptions by this fake doctor are advised to stop taking them,” he said, adding that clinics hiring locums should be more careful with their background checks in the future.

**I remember a friend of mine who at first I mistaken her for a guy.  It is because of her masculine name and antic. It has been a year now. Wherever U are I wish U the best of everything. Peace.

Some cabbie

Cabbie accused of raping American faces more charges ~the star

KUALA LUMPUR: A taxi driver, who is facing a charge of raping an American woman, has been charged with kidnapping a Korean student with intent to get ransom.

S. Prakash Kumar, 38, together with car wash worker A.J. Joseph Aaron, 26, was charged in the magistrate’s court here yesterday with kidnapping the 15-year-old student to get a RM40,000 ransom at 4.30pm on Feb 12.

The cabbie had on Wednesday claimed trial in the Sepang Sessions Court to the charge of raping a 24-year-old American woman in a room at Lakeside Villa Homestay, Taman Pantai Sepang Putra, Sg Pelek at about 1am on March 12.

Later that day, he also claimed trial in a Petaling Jaya court to charges of wrongful confinement and robbing the American woman.

On the kidnapping charge, no plea was recorded from Prakash and Joseph.

Magistrate Erry Shahriman Nor Aripin did not grant bail to the duo.

He set June 18 for mention.

DPP S. Malini Anne prosecuted.

After proceedings in the magistrate’s court ended, the two men were taken before Sessions Court judge Azman Mustapha to face charges of robbing three victims.

Judge Azman granted bail at RM30,000 for each accused pending mention on May 9.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Pal sold girlfriend to pimp

Woman sold into prostitution after reunion with long-lost pal ~the star

A WOMAN ended up being “sold” into prostitution for RM3,000 after a reunion with an old friend, reported Harian Metro.

The victim was also beaten, confined and forced into the flesh trade by the syndicate for almost a week before she escaped last Sunday.

The woman's trauma started on April 11 in a shoplot in Kepong when she met up with her friend who she had not seen in years. The friend brought along her boyfriend to the premises.

Another man in his 30s, who turned out to be a pimp, appeared later and prevented her from leaving.

She was then told that she had been sold by her friend. She was confined in the premises with 10 other women said to be Chinese and Vietnamese nationals who were apparently also forced into prostitution.

The next day, the victim was paraded in sexy outfits together with the other women to customers. She ended up sleeping with a man who paid RM1,680.

“Nobody was around in the premises and I managed to unlock the door using a pair of scissors,” she said after lodging a police report.

Anti-PAS ads appear in newspapers in Sabah

GE13: Anti-PAS ads appear in newspapers ~the star

KOTA KINABALU: Advertisements have appeared in several vernacular newspapers in Sabah warning the people that they should not vote for PAS candidates in the general election.

The advertisements showed a photograph of a woman, with one showing her in full make-up and manicured fingernails with the caption: “Now your life is wonderful.”

A second one showed the same woman without her make-up, with the caption saying: “This is what happens when PAS is in power.”

Another series of advertisements showed a photograph of a female hairdresser cutting a male customer's hair. Both are smiling. The other photograph showed the same customer's hair being cut by a male hairdresser and both are frowning.

The advertisements had appeared in Asia Times, Overseas Chinese Daily News and See Hua Daily for the past several days.

Sabah PAS officials said the advertisements were meant to scare PAS supporters in Sabah.

Liberal Democratic Party president Datuk V.K. Liew denied that the advertisements had been placed by the Barisan Nasional.

***Ooo Kkk let's make one thing clear, PAS is not Islam and Islam is not PAS, PAS is just a mere political party carrying Islam name as its emblem, so there will be no Islamophobia involve I hope. Now I know why there some quarters who oppose the name Islam been carried by any group so that Islam will not be victimized later. Understood, understood.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Streak of Bad Luck

Taxi driver claims trial to robbing, kidnapping, raping American woman ~the star

SEPANG: A taxi driver was charged in a Sessions Court here with raping an American woman in a homestay at Sungai Pelek here last month.

S. Prakash Kumar, however, claimed trial after the charge was read to him in Bahasa Malaysia before Sessions Court judge Norhayati Mohd Yunus on Wednesday.

Prakash, 38, was accused of raping the 24-year-old American woman in a room at Lakeside Villa Homestay, Taman Pantai Sepang Putra, Sg Pelek here at about 1am on March 12.

The charge under Section 376 of the Penal Code carries a maximum of 20 years' jail and whipping on conviction.

Deputy public prosecutor Kamalia Yahdi offered bail at RM40,000 with two sureties and Prakash need to report at the nearest police station first week each month.

In asking for a lower bail, Prakash who was unrepresented said that his wife was not working and is supporting his only child.

Sessions Judge Norhayati Mohd Yunus granted bail at RM25,000 with two sureties and ordered him to report at the nearest police station first week each month pending mention on May 6.

Meanwhile in Petaling Jaya Sessions Court, Prakash also pleaded not guilty to committing robbery of RM300 and a handphone by using a knife infront of The Curve at Jalan Persiaran Surian, Damansara here at about 6pm on March 11.

Sessions Judge Yasmin Abdul Razak later allowed bail at RM8,000.

In another Sessions Court, scrap metal collector R. Muthu, 46, and car wash worker A.P. Joseph Aaron, 26, also claimed trial to robbing the American woman.

Sessions Judge Rozina Ayob granted bail at RM5,000 each.

In a Magistrate's court, magistrate Surya Wati Shawal granted bail at RM5,000 each for the trio after they pleaded not guilty to kidnapping.

The three courts have fixed May 16 for mention.

***How unlucky people could be at a time. OK students how much money Prakash has to come up with? Plus, how many crime that he (allegedly) committed? And how many courts he has to attend? and how much time that he has wasted that day alone?


Designer hits the jackpot with RM18.8mil win

Designer hits the jackpot with RM18.8mil win ~the star

PETALING JAYA: A freelance creative designer in his 30s won RM18.8mil when he hit the Toto 4D Jackpot 1.

The winner who hit the jackpot on Saturday, April 13 said that he could easily conjure up lucky numbers.

His winning pair of numbers “6471 and 1844” was the result of him combining his birth date and digits related to his work and the prevailing jackpot sum combined with this address respectively.

“I can now take life easier,” said the man.

He placed his winning bet during a visit to his parents’ home in Johor. He had been winning moderate sums since early this year and only bet on the jackpot winning numbers twice.

Asked what he would get for his wife who was by his side at the Sports Toto head office for the prize claim, he said it would be a surprise but his wife was quick to add that she wanted nothing from him.

She would be contented that their pre-school son is now a millionaire by virtue of his father’s win.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Salesman denies raping teenage FB friend

KUALA LUMPUR: A salesman was charged with raping a teenager he came to know through Facebook.

Khoo Kean Giap, 20, claimed trial to raping the 13-year-old girl at a unit at Widuri Condo, Desa Petaling, in Cheras at about 8pm in October 2012.

When questioned by Sessions Court judge Emelia Kaswati Mohamad Khalid, Khoo said he had known the teenager for about two months.

He testified that although he knew her mobile phone number, he had not contacted her since last December.

DPP Ooi Chean Ling said if Khoo was released on bail, he could make an at­­tempt to contact or influence the girl through the social networking site.

The judge allowed bail at RM10,000 with one surety, and ordered that Khoo surrender his international passport.

She also directed him not to contact the victim.

“If she reports that you or any of your family members contact or harass her, your bail will be revoked,” she said.

The judge fixed May 9 for mention. ~the star

Monday, April 8, 2013

Nue à Malacca

‘Mannequin’ turns out to be nude French woman

MALACCA: A woman walked in the nude along Jalan Bendahara to the bemusement of those attending a function there.

“Initially, I thought it was a mannequin. When we realised ‘it’ was a woman, we just looked away,” said Kampung Chitty Cultural Association chairman K. Nadarajah, slightly red-faced.

The woman, believed to be French, in her 30s, definitely disrupted the opening of the Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry information centre yesterday morning.

Nadarajah said someone ran to the woman and gave her the flag of a political party to cover her body but she declined.

“The awkward situation brought the event to a brief halt,” he said.

Trader Terrence Teng, 31, said he was stunned to see the woman walking about so calmly.

“It was a real shock to see someone in the nude like this in conservative Malacca,” he said.

Security guard P. Saravanan, 39, said he reprimanded the wo- man but she was nonchalant about it.

“She only replied ‘I am going naked to save the world. I am a naturist’ and she continued walking,” he said.

Saravanan said he called the police, who came and took her away. ~the star

Looked away? yeah right..


I'm Sorry Puteri

I'm sorry Puteri for not believing, its just that I can't swallow the  fact that Jo was a fictional character. Its still hunting me to this very day, watch CATFISH on MTV, u'll understand.

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