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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Designer hits the jackpot with RM18.8mil win

Designer hits the jackpot with RM18.8mil win ~the star

PETALING JAYA: A freelance creative designer in his 30s won RM18.8mil when he hit the Toto 4D Jackpot 1.

The winner who hit the jackpot on Saturday, April 13 said that he could easily conjure up lucky numbers.

His winning pair of numbers “6471 and 1844” was the result of him combining his birth date and digits related to his work and the prevailing jackpot sum combined with this address respectively.

“I can now take life easier,” said the man.

He placed his winning bet during a visit to his parents’ home in Johor. He had been winning moderate sums since early this year and only bet on the jackpot winning numbers twice.

Asked what he would get for his wife who was by his side at the Sports Toto head office for the prize claim, he said it would be a surprise but his wife was quick to add that she wanted nothing from him.

She would be contented that their pre-school son is now a millionaire by virtue of his father’s win.


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