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Monday, April 8, 2013

Nue à Malacca

‘Mannequin’ turns out to be nude French woman

MALACCA: A woman walked in the nude along Jalan Bendahara to the bemusement of those attending a function there.

“Initially, I thought it was a mannequin. When we realised ‘it’ was a woman, we just looked away,” said Kampung Chitty Cultural Association chairman K. Nadarajah, slightly red-faced.

The woman, believed to be French, in her 30s, definitely disrupted the opening of the Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry information centre yesterday morning.

Nadarajah said someone ran to the woman and gave her the flag of a political party to cover her body but she declined.

“The awkward situation brought the event to a brief halt,” he said.

Trader Terrence Teng, 31, said he was stunned to see the woman walking about so calmly.

“It was a real shock to see someone in the nude like this in conservative Malacca,” he said.

Security guard P. Saravanan, 39, said he reprimanded the wo- man but she was nonchalant about it.

“She only replied ‘I am going naked to save the world. I am a naturist’ and she continued walking,” he said.

Saravanan said he called the police, who came and took her away. ~the star

Looked away? yeah right..



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