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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Dessert Flower

It was in the early 90's again.

I was in the class room in form one. We were learning Arabic, suddenly one of my classmate rise his hand and ask the teacher.

"Is it true Zainab means cow shit?"

The teacher, an ustaz, is one of our school's most notorious and one of the discipline committee, of course. When he's around even the funniest becomes humorless.

How ever our friend here doesn't show any sign of joking, he gave a straight and query face confidently and convincingly.

The ustaz pause for a moment draging the whole class to a complete silence, his eye balls move up and down as if he's scanning our friend for any sign of fooling around.

After awhile, may be satisfied finding nor presence of joking element on our friend, he answered,

"No, who spoke such nonsense, Zainab is a good name meaning desert flower".

Everybody felt relief nobody got in trouble that day, and no body laugh at that incident even after class.

Four years later,

I was in our weekly school assembly, after singing the Negaraku and reciting the asma' ul husna, the same ustaz from four years ago got up on stage and give a speech.

I didn't recall  what he said because my mind suddenly goes back four years ago to form one in that same class, reminiscing to myself the Zainab incident.

suddenly i felt like laughing, and i laugh and laugh as if the incident is currently happening in front of my eyes again, ignoring what people might think of me laughing alone for no visual reason.

I laugh until there was tears coming out of my eyes, releasing the four years of humoric tension which I could not release at the moment the joke happened.

I dont know why that day, I met the ustaz almost everyday before. Ahh memory, btw don't make a habit of laughing alone.

Eid mubarak to Hizamme, Jo qusary and everybody.



norh said...

Eid mubarak..
Dah semakin ramai org gelak sorang2 kat malaysia ni.. ;p

whitecappuccino said...

Mesti pelik kalau orsng nampak kita gelak sorang2..hehe...eid mubarak!

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