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Thursday, August 2, 2012

I don't want to give up my phone number, Mr Google

I have another blog which I’m very active at and have a high number of readers, approximately 100 readers per post. There's nothing illegal regarding the content, just topic people love to read so much these days.

For the past few years Google persistently attempt to get my phone number regarding to that blog by creating an extra door every time I log in.

At that time however there is an option where I can click away the annoying request. A small link like those asterisks on weight loss products.

Until last night, just after posting another controversial thread, I go about promoting the thread, and at one point I was logged out involuntarily.

When I tried to log back in, a warning appeared, asking me to verify my account.

We've detected unusual activity on your account. To immediately restore access to your account, choose how to verify your account. 

Then, asking (again) for my phone number. The only different this time there's no click away button.

When I tried to visit my blog thru the front door (by typing the address into the address bar) to my surprise, I got another shocking message.

Blog has been removed
Sorry, the blog at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs. 

Looks like Google have adopt an unethical marketing strategy of those tele-marketing usually does, calling and asking for personal info with a twist,

"Hi currently we're promoting a travel card to every master card user, just for verification purpose, can U stated again  (I never had) your credit card number?",   click! tut tut tut,"

Is there anybody out there experiencing or had experienced the same problem before, please share.

To Google please stop the irresponsible attempt of invasion of privacy, I had that enough when I was younger, and give me back my blog.

If this annoyance persist I might consider other platform.



una berry said...

what is your other blog anyway?ehe

Gentleman Frog said...

another life of berries.

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