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Monday, September 23, 2013

My Neighbour Totoro

I'm feeling down this month, I've been ripped off for $300 ( burn in hell who ever took it), worst month of the year so far.

So I went to a friend house to talk about it (Talking about a problem helps a lot). I've not seen him for a while since he's married a couple of years ago.

To my surprise the problem I'm facing is nothing compared to his (see what I mean talk is cure). So I decided to help him with my writing (I knew my skill one day will comes handy).

He have a problem with his uncivilized neighbour. I took the liberty to take some proof (it is suggested that you should documented any problem U have so that U have proof in case U need to take the matter to court), these are some pictures showing the problem.

Some what two years ago  when the neighbour finished remodelling their house, adding an additional structure to its original frame they left my friend a gift.

A pile of rubble was left in the no man's land leaning to his fence whereas he had nothing to do or to gain from it and it was left there until today for almost two years now.

This is the house, the house is mesmerizing but doesn't reflect the occupants, take note, civilized-looking house doesn't mean civilized people living in it.

Many suggested confronting the neighbour is a good way to solve the problem, but two years is a long time to not realize one's own disruptive behaviour. Why turn a blind eye and took no responsibility if U are educated and civilized. Two years is unwarranted.

Don't believe me U can go and see for yourself until today that pile of rubble is still there. (I took these pictures yesterday).



kakmie said...

Fourth paragraph, second sentence, I took the liberty to take, not to takes...?

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