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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

its war

Indochine: a people's war

Is america and french at cold war? Lately there've been abundance of anti french broadcasts made by the usa belittling the french.

"The french didn't build us schools nor hospitals, they only build brothels and clubs, everything we have they razed to the ground." Said the presenter with a distraught tone.

The struggle of the vietnamese people against french occupation has been revered by the usa's natgeo as the people's war, reminiscing the french brutality for 55 minutes and the remaining 5 minutes to mention the coming of the American with forgiveness to the American from the vietnamese at the end.

It's ironic.

At the same time usa intrusion in various Muslims countries are honored, their war machines are applaud as heroes with tv shows such as coming home, battlefield brothers and natgeo heroes series.

One of natgeo programs aired an interview with an American war machine who proudly reminisced how he murdered Muslims afghans shepherds taking their flocks home just because one of them is carrying an AK47. With their drone they bombed the afghans to nothingness... on afghan soil... along with the sheeps.

For me only those who fought in the www2 and wars before that are heroes (both sides) due to the balance of power and technology both sides have, it's a fair game.

Todays war is not just a cakewalk but more of a bully, only those who are in the defensive are heroes, the afghan, the iraqi, the Palestina.

An American might, teaming up with the mighty Britain bringing all their superweapon and advanced technology to beat a helpless poor unstable country, not very much of a hero.

Adding the last straw, before they entered battle they strip down the opponent country of their weapons and starved them down with economic barradicade.

It's downright shame. Before you judge other make sure you meet the requirements.


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