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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Where's MH370?

Back in the 90s there was a down syndrome kid in my village. He's 15 yo. His parents fear for his safety kept him locked in a special room with plenty of windows, bared.

However one day he managed to escape suspected by climbing the wall and slipped through the opening between the roof and the wall. He disappeared for 6 hours.

When his parents realized he was gone at 12 noon they called everybody to help. I at that time was 11 yo joined the search party. We search everywhere until we came to a conclusion that he maybe drowned in the canal behind his house.

His father and a few others started diving and scouring the canal floor but to no avail.  They informed the police and called a bomoh to help. Bomoh and kampung folk are unseparateable. Like all bomoh they talk in riddle.

Finally, it was dusk and the kampung mosque and all the mosques of the surrounding villages started calling to pray. By the power of the almighty ALLAH in front of everybody that was standing by the canal. The body emerged.

There was a second story. A boy vanished for the whole day while playing. It was in the afternoon when they realized he was gone. He didn't come home for lunch.

A search party was formed and they looked for him everywhere.  That night they gathered at the mosque and recited the yasin.

After a while his mother found him behind their house hiding in the lemon grass plant. After query he told them he followed a white rabbit into the wood and was taken by a woman to her home for the whole day. He was returned while he is sleeping.

One night our prophet SAW disappeared for the whole night. His companions tried to look for him all over Mecca but to no avail until they suspected him being kidnapped.  When it was dawn he SAW returned.  When he was asked where he SAW had been. He SAW told his companions he SAW went to teach the genie to recite the Quran in their village.

These shows that another dimension exist and human could be lost in there.


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