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Monday, April 28, 2014

Afraid of one's own shadow

Now I know the meaning of afraid of one's own shadow.

Mr. Barack Obama is currently in Malaysia. Do you know that he brings his own limousine flown in from the US? All three of it. Also his own petrol, his own glass for the hotel where he is staying, his own army of security personel, yes swarm of security personel (when he was in Japan,  16000 policemen escorted him). His podium is bullet proof. Where he will be standing on the ground is declared a no fly zone up there in the air. That spontaneous crowd you saw greeted him was actually A carefully selected crowd chosen to stage a spontaneous moment and much more ridiculous things for security reasons.

Other VIPs when visiting a foreign country will be accompanied by a few bodyguards. They didn't flown in their own cars, glass and gas (even the air force one fuel were flown in by the marine, yeah to that extent).

What the hell is this guy afraid of? For a leader from a country that promotes freedom. This guy doesn't have much of it.

The star Friday suggested that he tries our durian and nasi lemak. I bet he will never had the chance because of security concerns. Pitty.

Welcome to Malaysia Mr. Obama.


HaveBeenAround1900 said...

Duh! This guy is the most influential man in the world. Of course he would need all the security and backup. He used to let his guard down once in 2009 because he is too humble, and because of that someone actually took advantage of it and attempted to assassinate him in Turkey: http://thelegalpunk.blogspot.com/2009/04/obama-assassination-plot.html

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