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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Palestine should try a non-Muslim leader

The situation in Palestine worsen by days, so far it is estimated that 500 Palestinian had lost their lives, 10% was freedom fighters and the rest was innocent civilian of elderly, women and children, mosque and civilian building were razed to the ground. There's nothing anew to this, it happened every year. Israel will provoke a situation where force is inevitable, this will be followed by military operation. The operation was just for show, that they are there, in charge and with more and better guns. This happens every year since 1948 when Palestinian land was first occupied by the Zionist. It is either the UN failed to notice it or it just turn a blind eyes.

Palestine should try a non-Muslim leader. In order to break from Zionist labelling lock, i.e Islamist, they should try a non-Muslim to lead their struggles. So far the non-Muslims Palestinian are also suffering under Zionist regime. To begin with, almost all powerful nation in the world nowadays are non-Muslim, their support will make a huge difference. As far as we know the peace loving pope is with the Palestine. We need to push the limit a bit. By choosing a non-Muslim leader the world may see Palestine and Israel in a different way. The Zionist labelling tactic may finally be brushed off and eventually the world may see their true colour.

The Palestinian PLO's and Hamas's had been fighting against the Israel intrusion and each other since the occupation. They're the people's heroes. Day by day Zionist around the world through their media monopoly had succeeded in re-brand these freedom fighter into terrorist and now almost 2/3 of the world population recognised Palestinian freedom fighter as terrorist and Israel's violence as an act of self defence. To make matter worst Hamas's victory in 2006 general election was denied by many democratic champion's countries such as America, Canada, Britain and Japan. Either they realize or not they are denying the right of the Palestinian to choose.

The Zionist modus has never change since their attempt on Jesus (pbuh) life's. They will ally themselves with who is in power, during Jesus (pbuh) time it was the Rome, through the roman that they persecuted Jesus (pbuh). Back in 1948 it was the British, through them that they grab the Palestinian land and today it is America. They have tailored every American president to be elected by the American people will hold the same policy on Israel, "Israel have the right to defend themselves " Even though it means turning a blind eyes on the murder of hundreds of thousand Palestinian innocence. If not no presidency for that guy.

It is time that the Palestinian come to realize that they cannot expect others to help them if they failed to help
themselves. They have to abandon their militant way because it is proven failed, Israel have bigger arsenal and better weapon. Through politic Palestine was divided and through politic it shall come back united. In 1948 the British had divided Palestine into three quarters, for the Arab, the Zionist and the British empire and since then the conflict perpetuated.

The Zionist had succeeded in playing a propaganda that the war is between Islam and Jews and sadly we played along. The truth is, the war was pure racist, the Zionist is in a genocide mission. Their aim is to eradicate the non-jew from Palestine be it Moslem or Christian or Greek alike. It is proven when they have no problem pulling their trigger on any non Jewish Palestine, i.e churches siege, denying church access and the murder of Rachel Corrie.

Through politic we are divided and through politic we shall be united. Don’t drop the arms but drop the militant way.


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